I'm actually loving the new forum software platform

Sure, change is hard and I was plenty OK with the old format.

The options that this new platform give us are pretty cool! While I’m slowly getting used to it, I keep finding little features that I like a lot.

Kudos! (Not the speakers . . . although they are good too . . . )

Now everyone who searches for info on K____ speakers will find this thread . . .


Yes, the new forum feels great. More responsive, easier photo upload, polls (which we already had in the forum before Hoopla), infinitely nested quotes gone (the innermost often 1 character wide).

Where do I find the option to create an avatar?

Absolutely 100% agree! It’s fantastic. Well done Richard et al!!!

See your account preferences.

I suppose whether one likes the new forum depends upon whether one prefers style over substance.

It certainly has style.


I like the ability to use markdown and overall the interface and app is good

On a lap-top with a scratch-pad, there are some very good features and I’m discovering more and more e.g. clicking on the Reply number on the RHS allows one to jump straight to the last one.
Congrats to all those involved. The ability to split-screen when Replying is also very good. I think it’s been a much better switch than when Hooples took over last time.

Another feature I like is that it automatically searches for content similar to what you’re writing about. Over time - should lead to less duplication ie “Which is better flac or wav?”

And another THANK YOU @Richard.Dane for all the time and effort you’ve put into making us happy.

Like it

Thanks for all your positive feedback on the new forum. Great to see it’s been so well received so far.
And I’d like to echo the thanks others have already given to Richard and the team.

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It’s nice to use a more modern forum that’s for sure. It’s now like others I frequent and a much easier place to visit and find stuff. Well done @Richard.Dane and co.

Another thing I just discovered, and love about the forum is to do with the reply icon at the top right of each post.

When that post is a reply to a previous post, you can click on the avatar of the individual and the post will expand to show what is being replied to.

I wrote this message as a reply so you can test it here. This is very awesome. No more trying to put an incomplete post in context!

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I see the Roon Community forum is presently down, following a crash of the Discussion software - this is the same as this new Naim forum.
Any lessons that can be learnt, following their outage?

Roon down, Naim working normally here.

I am liking the new forum, now that I have found that the font size can be increased, it is much more flexible and easier to use.
Thanks to all involved.

I like the new forum, well done Naim for continuing to support it.

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I like the new forum too and all the badges I am earning make me feel like I have joined the Boy Scouts :grinning:


I think it’s great, a big improvement over the old one.