I'm thinking about a 552 pre owned and

someone mentioned a dealer who might have on. I’ve searched but can’t find the reference. If you read this and know who that dealer is can you re post?


If you ‘google’ Naim NAC552 ex demo, you should see one or two…maybe also one on the ‘bay’.

Though do be wary of the current apparent scams on the bay, see the existing forum thread


I think its from a Dealer…but good call, pays to be cautious !

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Sure, this one was not from a dealer. Just in case @bruss looks on the bay and comes across this one, it happened to more than one person, I believe


Thanks guys. Done the google thing and yes aware of the 'bay ones.

There was a thread on here about two weeks ago and I remember a reference to a particular dealer who was listing a non DR 552. I may just run to that as I clear some of the temporary kit collected over the past year while I’ve been turning round stuff for service work.( Well man maths says I could just add a little to it :slightly_smiling_face: )


Happy hunting.

HiFi Shark is a good search engine to use. I believe a dealer called Central Audio has a 552.

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Hi guys…

As sad as I am about the near eBay disaster with the 552… I’ve cheered my self up by purchasing a SC DR to replace my 2003 SC2!
Don’t get me wrong the SC2 sounds amazing and has been recently recapped… But the DR upgrade is suppose to be above the curve…
picking it up tomorrow!
Can’t wait…

Ps… the quest for Naim perfection is quite addictive isn’t it :joy:


Lol it really is.

Let us know how the SC DR goes.

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Will do mate…

Soooo excited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What car is that. ?

Looks rapido :dash:

My first Naim amps came from there
Ex dem 32.5 Hi Cap 2x 135’s
£2090, Jan 1990

Since then I’ve had 8 135’s, all gone now
The ones above went to their new home a couple of years ago and sounding superb


Lotus Evora.

Thanks, indeed nice to drive.


A narrow escape but well done, hope the new box lives up to expectations!

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Just plugged in the SC DR…

Everything just got better!!

Well happy :blush:

Just a quick one thou…

There seems to be a pulsating hum now coming from the system?

Is this normal?

Pleased about the uplift but no the pulsating doesn’t sound right.

Transformer hum, or some noise from the speakers?

Def not from the speakers…

From the back of the rack?