I'm thinking about a 552 pre owned and

What car is that. ?

Looks rapido :dash:

My first Naim amps came from there
Ex dem 32.5 Hi Cap 2x 135’s
£2090, Jan 1990

Since then I’ve had 8 135’s, all gone now
The ones above went to their new home a couple of years ago and sounding superb


Lotus Evora.

Thanks, indeed nice to drive.


A narrow escape but well done, hope the new box lives up to expectations!

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Just plugged in the SC DR…

Everything just got better!!

Well happy :blush:

Just a quick one thou…

There seems to be a pulsating hum now coming from the system?

Is this normal?

Pleased about the uplift but no the pulsating doesn’t sound right.

Transformer hum, or some noise from the speakers?

Def not from the speakers…

From the back of the rack?

Transformers can hum - lots of topics about it on this forum. Make sure it is positioned well & solid on its own shelf is a first important thing to ensure.

Before you worry too much, the hum could go away again, too. Most likely some mains pollution that could come from a device in your house or just as well from something on the grid outside. I get some (not terrible) hum about once a month for an hour or two, then it disappears again.
If you are unlucky, it could also be persistent. Many possible causes, see here:

There’s at least 1 and possibly two available on a Canadian site… Hifi Shark will find those.

The hum is described as pulsating. I have had a hum on the 250-2 and the 300ps. Neither are pulsating.

Canada to France, not so do-able.

It is odd, but if the rogue device creates a pulsating pollution …
Of course, depending on how loud it is and if it started immediately when plugging in the DR, might be something wrong with it. @andypandya1 do you still have the previous SC to compare?

It’s def not the 300 & the sc2 never hummed???

It sounds great thou when playing music?

And to be honest the humming is quite soothing :joy:

Well, it could be that the rogue device started its thing by coincidence just as you switched to the SCDR. Or the SCDR is broken, or its transformer is not properly screwed down, or it just reacts to something differently. I have 4 PSes and occasionally only one hums, or two, or all.

Sure it is if you get the right price.

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FedEx Canada to France with increased insurance is 870 euros per approx 552-sized package. DHL is just 200 or so, but insurance tops out at 5000. Of course imports duties and taxes, and it may well all not make sense, but is not impossible and depends

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