Imagined or real upgrade with full fibre connection

I previously had Bt G fast internet which is twisted copper pair and upgraded last week to BT full fibre. As well as big numbers on the speed my streamed music seems more spacious and relaxed. Real or placebo? Anyone else noted change with full fibre?

New router?


Agree,.there is a clear difference for the better.

Can’t say I noticed any difference when we got upgraded to full fibre but I’ve always used WiFi to connect my ND5 XS2 rather than ethernet and the WiFi is provided by the same BT Whole Home mesh WiFi discs

Whilst you’re at it, here’s an additional test for you. Hotspot your phone and connect to that. Does 4G / 5G sound different to either fibre or copper wire ?

no same bt home hub

lumin has apple airplay type function but wired recommended, either way I’m happy with lift in quality for no outlay.

I thought it was a little more fluid and natural when I got fiber. But can’t be sure if it was not my imagination or expectation.
It’s too marginal to be considered as significant. The same as connecting a linear ps to my router ( however a cheap one).
Maybe with a top Sean Jacobs, I would here an improvement.

The biggest changes were with Etheregen switch, and Audioquest diamond lan cables. Then Innuos PhoenixNet.


Fiber optic or copper ethernet really does not make any difference, unless your streamer supports direct, physical fiber optic connection, i.e. it has a SFP input port.

In a few weeks time we get fiber as an aalternative to the coax we have been using for the last 20 years. Interesting if there could be a diffrence, if you subscribe to the idea that electrical noise floods your local network from the internet it could make a ddifference. If I change I can decide on what router to use and that could maybe have a greater influence on the sound, who knows.

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