Impact of S-XPS cable in wrong direction

Just reinstalling/moving systems around this weekend. Went from running a NDX2/XPS-DR/SN3 with Superlumina speaker cables to a NDX2/555DR 282/Hicap/250 with Naca5 cables.

The noise floor went way down, but something didn’t sound quite right. Distinct lack of detail - perhaps the system needs time to warm up.

A few hours later, something still off.

I went back to the NDX2 - and it actually felt a lot better - a lot more detail.

Realized that the burndy cable was inserted incorrectly - in the wrong direction.
Reinstalled, this time with the band close to the NDX2 - and the detail is back - and the system sounds great again!

Didnt think that the direction of the burndy would matter that much - or that i would have been able to tell - but the symptom seems to be a lack of detail + lower noise floor - but I suspect the lower noise floor was my interpretation of lack of detail…

Getting the Burndy cable the wrong way around will definitely sound a bit “off” as you say.

…now turn it round again and see if you can hear a difference

Why would they want to do that? :thinking:

Because it’s an interesting experiment.

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No it’s just time wasted that could be used to play music or or “go and do something more interesting instead” as the TV show said. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, I don’t totally disagree but you’re a touch hypocritical since you’ve spent longer reading this thread and replying to me that it would take to switch it round, and surely that’s more boring for someone as well occupied as you.

Without doing it a couple of times they can never be sure.

Naim have already done the work by providing a marker so that’s one less bit of OCD to deal with. With a Brain/Brawn stack the cable will already be relaxed into a un-stressed position, to try it the other way around requires de-stressing again. Not forgetting to power off the NAP, XPS and whatever the XPS is powering before starting disconnecting cables.

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