Import duty / tax on records from EU?

Like so many of you I tend to buy records from the continent now and then but I have done a little research and I’m none the wiser. Will there be any import duty/tax after we leave the EU? Thanks🙏

No-one knows! Essentially depends on whether British B gets his way and there’s a no deal B, or whether US B now in place manages to influence British B and end up with a deal.

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Ive found the commodity code:
Records - vinyl, pre-recorded 85238090

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I think its this page

Which takes you to:

Suggests 0 for that commodity code.
" It only shows the tariffs that will be applied to goods at the border when they’re imported into the UK.

It does not cover:

  • other import duties, such as VAT"
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Thank you, Robert. I did read part of it but gave up in the end as my brain started bleeding.

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