Import favourites during multiroom play

When streaming multi-room, is there a way to save the currently playing channel / station to the slave mu-so? Or is there a way of importing favourite Internet radio stations from one mu-so to another?

When I bought my first mu-so, I saved a whole bunch of stations and channels as favourites. Took ages, as the naim app is beyond painfully slow when you search internet radio. Now I have a second mu-so, I want to import all those favourites onto it, without having to go through the same pain.

At the moment the only way I can play one of those stations on the second speaker is via multiroom from the first mu-so. But I don’t always want the music to play in both rooms. Is there a way of importing the favourites from one mu-so to the other? Or grabbing the station and adding it as a favourite on the second one during multi-room play? I’m hoping I don’t have to manually add each station to the second mu-so? It’s going to take days.

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