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Over the years l have gone from an Atom to my end user system today of Nap300dr, Ndx2, 555Ps, Nac 252 with Sc with Spebdor D7.2 speakers fed by chord epic cable. I often have thought it just doesn’t sound ‘right’ and have often trailed through the manuals to see if l have crossed or missed something. My point is although the very nice people on the end of the phone at Naim are extremely helpful, my main aim would be to pay an ‘expert’ for an hour to look round the back of it all and tweak or unplug things so they are working at their optimum performance. My question is where do l find a person like this?


You have a very good system. Think it might help if you explain in more detail what it is that doesn’t sound ‘right’.

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It just lacks detail depth and that lovely ‘hifi’ sound l have encountered visiting people with a similar set up, l meant to add all components have not been bought through a dealer but upgraded through part exchanges through a well know auction site, lm just wondering if there are any ‘gurus’ out there offering their services

Obviously requests for and offers of services via the forum are forbidden (see forum rules) however, in your position I would contact any one of a number of well reputed Naim dealers and ask them for help and offer to pay for their time.

In the meantime, if you offer up a bit more detail and perhaps a picture or two then perhaps we on the forum can pinpoint some areas for you to look at.


Have a chat with a dealer, maybe go to their gaff first to hear what “good” sounds like with a similar level system and then bring them back to yours for an assessment.

I have a tricky room and my dealer has been back multiple times (albeit it’s a long standing relationship we have)

I had to play around with acoustic panels, change of speakers etc. but it was a Rel s510 sub and Townshend Podiums that brought it all together.

I have to say multi box systems sound great but when you have an issue it’s hard yards getting to root cause…. And the root cause in my case was the room!

Bring on the 572 streaming pre that I can just plug into my active ATC’S!

Best of luck.



He says in his second post that he didn’t buy the system through a dealer, but from eBay trades.

Nevertheless @Thefox you should be able to go to any proper Naim dealer and pay them to do what you are asking.


Your system should sound very good. Maybe the room has issues. Have you tried playing with speaker placement - or altering your listening position?

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Maybe the 252 or 300dr need a service?
You can check with the serial numbers to see how old are the components.


I live in Hampshire and have an authorised Naim dealer near me, l have used them a few times but have really not a great deal of confidence in them as they always seem so rushed off their feet.
So on a wide shelf at the bottom l have the Nap 300 and and it’s power supply side by side, just above that l have the Ndx2 and Nac 252 side by side, behind the unit l have the super cap and 555ps (non dr) on 2 separate shelves, probably not the best l can do until l can obtain 2 x 3 shelf naim fraims side by side.

Searching on Southampton, I found no shortage of Naim dealers… :astonished:

I would say that in general you wouldn’t be looking for one of the showroom/shop staff to come out to you to help, but rather the person they have who does installs and so on. Of course sometimes they might be the same person.

Anyway a phone call should get you the information. If they have such a service then they will be keen to discuss it.

A few of them will be Richer Sounds and John Lewis ( assuming they still have real shops).
Dealer in Chandlers Ford used to be good. Or was in 1990 when i lived there!

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I set the search to the Classic range - so JL & RS were eliminated… :crazy_face:


This could very well be, in particular if the system has not warmed up and stabilised. Also how it’s all setup and connected up of course as well. Happens to me as well, but there is a point where it sounds pretty damn good. Not sure this helps a lot but systems at this level are sensitive to many things.

As already suggested, I think it is a good start to post some photos and shows us the connections etc

I’ve always found Richer Sounds that just to be box shifters. No passion or knowledge to help


A bit harsh! They provide a different service to the dealers most of us use but they have won a lot of awards for customer service and appear to have developed a generous ownership model. A number of my friends have learnt to enjoy good systems through initial purchases at RS.


An option would be to buy the Fraims from a Naim dealer and include an install in the deal. I think by the description of your setup, the Fraims will make a big difference, even if you with the Lite versions, which I use with a similar system.


Some good pointers here l appreciate all of you to have taken the time to reply, one other point is it a myth that the placing and position the preamp is in (especially the 252) plays a critical part to SQ?

Maybe not critical, but if you want to get the best out of the 252, optimal setup is required. But, this is true of all the components in any system.


You ask for help and get plenty of good advice and dismiss it as a myth.

The positioning of components with transformers away from components with no transformers is well recognised. Hence, how using the Naim Fraim is set up.

There is plenty of advice on this Forum, which is available using the search function and FAQs. Plus the Naim website and Naim dealers.

As previously advised in many posts, contact a local Naim dealer who should be able to sort you out. They have helped me over the years to get the system I want and set it up correctly.

Hope that you get your issues resolved and start to enjoy the music.


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