In praise of Naca5

After quite a few years away from Naims proprietary cable I have to say, a big welcome back to a recently installed 2 x 3.5m!
Just seems to deliver that last amount of drive and boogy that all its predecessors lacked…

I count amongst the fallen; van den hul, chord epic and the one that got the closest, witchhat N2. I’m guessing Naim use Naca5 to voice their amps (as an oppose to Super-lumina?), as the synergy just seems to click into place on a 3.5m run.
I’m sure 5m is optimal, it’s just too unmanageable when your setup is between speakers, heresy, I know!

Has anyone else here returned to the fold with Naca5 and felt the same?


Well i am trying to improve on-it…its difficult, yes easy to sound different, but much better, not yet for me.

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Not returned, but I have been thinking about swapping mine out for the Naca 5…you are gently nudging me closer.

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Yes it is a superb cable as long as soldered correctly using the sa 8 amp plugs. Specifically i like the finesse and responsiveness of it which gives a responsive, accurate and coherent sound as well as superb dynamics. I was thinking about witch-hat phantom as an upgrade which is also thicker and more flexible and is around 40 squid per meter but will it be worth the upgrade, i dont know?

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NACA5 is good. I’ve had it for 7 years before I switched to the Chord Epic. I tried switching from the Epic to the NACA5 several times but all attempts failed as the Epic was reinstated every time I made the switch.


…are you using a 3.5m+ run of Epic? I ask because I had a smaller run. Thanks

FWIW: I love my 4m runs of Chord Epic Twin

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If you’re curious and willing to take the road less traveled then I’d recommend giving a try to LS2 cable from Phonosophie (former German distributor for Naim). It’s got very similar geometry (with 7mm2 conductors instead of 4mm2) and specs, yet sounds quite different. Second hand market price in the same ballpark as NACA.

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I use 4.0m pair of Chord Epic. My NACA5 is 3.5m.

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Curious, is the LS2 cable as stiff as the NACA? Also, is Phonosophie still around/active with their amps etc.? Been awhile since I had a look at their stuff.

As to the NAC A5 cable, I want to like it. I have had it in my many Naim systems since mid-80’s, think it fits sonically, but I absolutely hate the stiffness of it! In some of my setups, it wasn’t an issue, but smaller room now and dealing with more length etc. is a pain! Now am using Linn’s K20, which I like very much, but feels it gives up a slight bass edge the Naim cable gives.

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Well, since you’re asking - no, it’s not as stiff. It’s stiffer. I worked my way around it with folding and hiding.

They’re still in business as far as I can tell, with upgrades to their older products, some modern stuff like a streamer/nas and some more esoteric “activator” upgrades. Doesn’t look this way though that amps/cd-players are still around. Not surprising as it’s hard to stay profitable in this business for a niche brand.

Stiffer?!! My goodness, it must be a copper rod then, haha! Thanks for the info too on the gear, will have to do some poking around, more curiosity than anything. Shame on the amps in a way, thought they were neat.

You might be quite right. In my system they do get less in the way of amp-speaker interaction letting both show their true colours, IMHO.

I went to Atlas Hyper and WH Phantom, the latter kept the swing and drive, the Hyper were more friendly sort of.
Both great cables as reasonable price.
Did try Epic at some point, a bit bored, in fact preferred Odyssey which strangely enough is same copper

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I have been using NAC A5 for MANY years. I used A4 with my Kans in the early eighties and then upgraded it. Since then it has been a staple in my system, using speakers from: ART; Living Voice; and, Focal.

Now with SBLs.

A friend came over with a pair od Tannoys a couple of years ago. When I told him I was using A5 he bought a variety of cables, but once the Tannoys were hooked up he liked what he heard and packed the extras away.

When I think about it the only component I have had longer is my bolt together 250; which I am listening to at the moment while my 300DR head unit is back with Signals.

I like my A5 a lot. Tried some occ copper cables but that didn’t work. Have no (well allmost no) wish to try other cables. A bit curious about Super Lumina.


As was I…loving what Lumina has brought (more soundstage, lovely depth and upper detail, and some hefty but clean bass) - classical music and jazz are a gas. I’d recommend hearing Super Lumina at least - I know some on the Forum haven’t liked it, but I’m firmly in the “like” camp so far.

I bought my SL ‘pre-loved’, so the financial outlay was not so steep - thankfully.


Linn K20 is the old NACA4 with a different label, I use it and without doubt it is the best pound for pound cable ever - about £5 a metre these days!! I’d love to try a direct comparison with A5 just to see if it’s worth the jump…

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I use NACA4 I have left over from my original Linn/Naim system in my office system (an Arcam AVR300 repurposed as a 2-channel receiver) with a pair of Dynaudio Audience 52SE.

Now I have a 7m pair of NACA5 unused after replacing it with a 10m pair of WitchHat Phantom cables.