In Praise of Naim Uniti Star

I have recently purchased a Uniti Star and connected it to some PMCs and am using it as a second desktop system. It has been a revelation. The CD player sounds to me really good with plenty of body and PRAT. I can rip to an SSD ala Uniti Core and then alongside that do some easy multi room streaming. All in all very nice, swiss army knife style.

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Glad to hear (sic) that you’re enjoying your Star, playing and ripping CDs, just wondered how you’re getting on with LP replay? I’m using the Din input, can’t distinguish much difference, but it leaves an analogue input free.
I like to think that vinyl sounds preferable.
I listen through SCM11s, recently acquired.

I am yet to connect my turntable but I seem to recall that it will push the analogue into the digital domain?