In Praise of Qobuz

Most of us try Qobuz and Tidal, often appearing to choose by the artists available. I quite understand this.
Apart from being able to access HR without the need for extra decoding a real advantage for me is the Qobuz off line library. I’m lucky that my vehicle has Apple Carplay so Qobuz plays natively from my iPhone and sounds great - also means I am not eating into data. It even sounds good on my BT headphones when I am out and about. Certainly banishes memories of faffing about with iTunes and the like.
If you haven’t tried downloading to your phone, treat yourself.


My wife and kids make good use of downloads on my Qobuz account.

I don’t have a smartphone, and hardly ever drive, and don’t think my car’s stereo connects (easily) to mobile devices; but next time I go somewhere with my iPad and Bose sound-cancelling headphones, I’ll try some downloads.

I did that once with Tidal downloads and I was surprised how good they sounded.

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I like Qobuz too, but the offline library is something that all streaming services offer for portable devices so you can’t really tout this as an advantage of Qobuz.


I see they’re now offering ‘Duo’ where 2 family members have access for €17, got an email today.

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Got that Duo email too. Existing customers first by the looks of it.

Their family offer was not appealing - too expensive and Sublme discounts for all bundled - must reside at same address!

Duo offer has no Sublime discount and I buy a fair bit from them so won’t change to Duo.


One or two posts from forum members had shown that they didn’t know about the offline library function so hopefully they may do so now. Appreciate that it is not exclusive to Qobuz but it is an advantage.


Thanks, I didn’t know about this option. I’m also not clear on how to buy downloads, is it through the app or do you need to visit the web site?

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I don’t stream so buy direct from the Website. Then download as .tar files, and use the freebie 7-zip to unpack them to the NAS


Purchased downloads do show in both Qobuz and Naim apps, but you make the purchase via the Qobuz website.

That is entirely separate from the option to download any music you like on the Qobuz (or Tidal, Spotify etc.) app on portable devices. This is free, but unlike any purchased downloads, they disappear if you cancel your subscription. The reason for these is that it allows you to listen when you don’t have a reliable internet connection, such as when you commute to work, which is why this option only exists on portable devices.


Yes you can. It may be incorrect, but you can do it!

You can go through the app just choose the buy on Qobuz option it will take you through to the website to purchase them. It’d in the 3 dot menu at the bottom of the list it gives.


I like the sound and the access to lots of varied music that Qobuz gives me. But, the search functionality of the apps drives me mad.
I don’t know if I’m using it incorrectly but when I (re)discover an artist I like to listen to their work in album release order and see how it has changed over time. But finding their first album release and then the “difficult second album”, etc seems more difficult than it should be.
I often have to resort to the internet to find this information or just give up. I watched a BBC4 programme about The Proclaimers over the weekend and thought I’d go bacjk to my youth and listen to their albums again and it was such hard work to find them in order of release.
I don’t know how other people feel about this.


No, I’m importing to my Mini Mac for offline listening.

This is miles away from my experience of Qobuz. About 500 miles infact.


Shouldn’t that be 500 miles and then 500 more? :grin: :grin: :grin:


You can select which view you prefer, by artists, releases or added date. Under “favorites” on the desktop version anyway…for mobile, the Naim app doesn’t list by release or date. Yeah…that really sucks. I had opened Apple Music to see the order of release. With the Qobuz mobile app* you have the option of sorting by artist or the date you added the selection…the desktop is superior.


Just recently Qobuz (desktop version only) added “autoplay” as I noted on the Apple thread.

Also. This is big: with the Mac Mini, to stream hi res, you need set the bit rate which remains the same. The Apple tech I dealt with in researching this said there could be an effect to playback but he downplayed it. He did allow we Naim fanatics may hear a diff though! Lol…. But!!! When you play Qobuz through the desktop app, it automatically controls the bit rate. What that means is if I play Qobuz through the Naim app, wired from the USB-A into the Topping D10s, and from the Topping into the Nova digital in, the Topping displays the feed from the Mac Mini, which is unchanged despite the source playing. When you play Qobuz from the Qobuz desktop app, the rate of the piece playing displays on the Topping, and it sounds AMAZING.

I suspect there is also, within the Qobuz app, a way to incorporate Apple Music (I saw an option and clicked away too fast) which may control the rate when playing other sources also (through the Qobuz app.)

Also, a couple months ago, the Qobuz app didn’t work well with the Nova. It delayed and stuttered. No longer.

I primarily use the Qobuz iPhone app in the car via CarPlay or when in the garden with Airpods.

I have a large offline library of maybe 100GB+ on the phone - not sure what they changed maybe 6-8 months ago but it takes ages these days for it to display my downloaded files, before it was almost instant with a similar amount of music.

Yeah, that is clunky and needs addressing.

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You see the same?