In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king

So the king here equals the Naim Nova, I recognition it is not the best, but after 25yrs of Naim multi box active setups, the upgrade itch has stopped dead, I am content with the Nova.

Reason for this post was allot of threads about issues with the Uniti and new ND Range, in light of my recent conversion to the keep it simple way (Music server and Roon, vs Raspberry Pi, Bubble UPnP).

The result is no issues and great music.

Yes Naim have issues to iron out on the firmware and software front, but I get the feeling many issues we are creating ourselves with elloborate streaming setups, with so many blocks in the chain.


Great that you’re enjoying the end of upgradeitis!

you will however know that these forums recount countless relapses

just a little power amp, maybe a cheeky power supply on that, wonder about those cables …

just sayin’ :slight_smile:

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I must confess I have slipped to the tune of the Nova RRP on cables, switches, but they dont count di they :innocent:

I agree it’s rather satisfying when you get to a stage that you enjoy what you have, and the urge to keep swapping, upgrading and general fiddling around passes…

Agree - more than happy with my nova (display issues aside) as it looks good, sounds superb and the whole family now use the hifi.

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The reason I bought my Atom was to not have a convoluted chain as before I had two many boxes. I used Roon and wanted to have everything in one place with the flexibility to use Spotify and other services if needed. Its delivered on that front. And the family can easily use it and enjoy the fun.

I get the frustrations with their software though this is an area I think they need to up the game. But I very seldom use the Naim app as Roon looks after everthing. Firmware upgrades have been an oddity and one I don’t really understand how they can change sq but they do.

Now I’ve got DSP running on my system to take the room out of the equation and firmware quirks I am very happy and it’s sounding lovely to me and the speakers have more or less disappeared. This path is now at an end for me now until perhaps I hear a Nova in the flesh. Although I am tempted to hear the new Arcam SA30 when it’s out.

Saying that about simplicity I know have more listening areas than ever before but they are all simplified as much as possible and all controlled the same way by Roon.

In some ways I wished I kept the Atom and optimised the setup, but I blind bought the Nova.


I recently moved from a multi-box setup to a Nova in part to curb my appetite for upgrades. I’d had my eye on one for a while, but a recent furniture change made my old setup really visible and it looked ugly. Yet I found myself still mulling new power supplies and amps, which I really did not need. I’m very happy with my new direction for now, although the grumbles about firmware issues do give me some slight cause for concern… Fingers crossed future releases squash these issues pronto.

The only issue for me is I did go for an upgrade to Nova I would likely need much better speakers.

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Shhh, don’t give me ideas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just ordered a Uniti Star, to replace my humble 3 box system (UnitiQute 2, Nap100 and UnitiServe). The Qute was meant to be a 1 box solution when purchased but we will see where the Star takes me…

I don’t think that’s necessarily true - I took my ancient Epos speakers to the dealer after RMA’ing an early Atom due to a screen fault, and A/B’d the demo Atom vs the demo Nova they’d recently had in (not available when I got the Atom).

There is a very significant difference between the two all other factors being constant.

Compared both - Nova clearly a step up the chain, but so it should be given the price differential.

Great compact form factor for the Atom though, but the Nova fits well with my classic amps for now.

Hi @Alley_Cat I meant it in the context of if I never went beyond the Atom, I would say I would have been happy

Got it :slight_smile:

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