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Good day all, does any one have any knowledge or recommendations regarding using high quality in-wall speakers for Hi-Fi use, potential room changes early next year might mean that this proposal may become a reality. I presenly use a pair of B and W CM8 series 2 with a Nova to provide the good stuff. I hope this piece is in the correct sector, I’m sure Richard will soon let me know if it’s not though, thank you.

A friend uses a Nova with PMC Wafer 2 in wall to great effect. There are actually lots of high quality in wall speakers. PMC, ATC, Dali, KEF are the first to spring to mind.

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In my lounge I use an Atom (HDMI eARC output from TV) with in wall Focal 300 Series IWLCR6.
I did also consider the 1000 Series Focal, PMC and ATC when redoing the lounge.
I mainly ended up with the Focal 300 Series as they were a perfect fit in the space I had and I’d had a demo of the 1000 Series and figured they’d do a decent enough job. Even with the relatively modest power of the Atom they do a great job with TV audio and work well for regular streaming purposes.

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Thank you for that info, I didn’t know PMC made them, I’ll check them out.

Thank you, I looked at the 1000 series earlier, but I’ll also check out the 300s now as well.

I demoed the 1000 equivalent driven by a Statement system, just to set my expectations higher than I could reach!
Sounded great but figured ultimately it was overkill driven by an Atom.
I didn’t want to go overboard on the system either, it’s used 99% of the time for my kids to watch mindless cartoons, I figured they were being spoilt enough with what I ended up with + a 65” LG Gallery Series OLED.

Also cost played a big part in the choice, I spent most of the budget on getting the best TV that would fit the available wall space and built a new false wall to accomodate everything and provide a “no cables” result.

The 300 Series came in favouably cost wise against the ATC and PMC equivalents and were as I said previously, a discreet and almost mm perfect fit to the design of the wall we built to accomodate it all.

We added additional horizontal bracing to reduce resonance whilst optimising the depth overall. The TV itself helped as even hung it sits within a 20mm recess which visually allows the TV display to sit flush to the surrounding wall.

The speakers are on sprung retaining hinges and the metal magnetic covers sit practically flush to the surrounding wall as well.

They’re easy to install and remove again if needed, they aren’t screwed into any frame at least. You can also tune the midrange and treble output to suit your ears and room.

On the Atom a volume around 35-40 is usually more than adequate for normal listening levels and the dynamic range is surprisingly good so despite considering adding a sub, in reality it’s not really needed.


Wow! Thank you for that. The set up you have there looks wonderful, and that is some tv! Once again, thank you for your input and the details.

You’re welcome, hope it helps guide you on what you’re looking for.
I’ve been very happy with the results so far, keeping it all simple and tidy but still a capable and enjoyable setup for just sitting listening to music in addition to making the TV more enjoyable and without resorting to 20 speakers filling up the room and ceiling.

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Thank you for that young man, I shall look into the ‘soffit’ mounting idea.

The Dali wall mount ones are very good and not that expensive either. I would have gone for PMC but the ones that suited best were quite expensive, worth a listen if you can find any dealer with them actually setup, I had PMC wallmount Wafers in the past and they were surprisingly good.

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Yes the Dali on-wall are extremely nice looking. Though their in-wall are a bit more high end.

One thing that cropped up when I was designing a new room with lots of speakers was that on-wall doesn’t really save you much hassle versus in-wall. Unless you are happy with wires and trunking going across the wall, then in both cases you will be running cables behind a wall and making holes for cables. That’s quite an involved bit of DIY. And moving speakers is going to entail repairing a wall in both scenarios also. To that end, in-wall seemed logical. A hole is a hole. Might as well go for the least obtrusive option.

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Thank you for that Mr.M, I had looked at the PMC too and they are tempting, at least on paper, so to speak, but then the Dali models are also very interesting.

Agree with your final points entirely, I think a lot of forward thinking is a must for a project such as this, thank you for your input.

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