Inakustik Referenz LS803 Speaker Cable

In undertaking demos to select my new system my dealer has recommended these cables to pair with Sonos Faber Sonetto V speakers - which I listened to along with SN3/NDX2

I hadn’t come across this brand of speaker cable before - and was just intending purchasing the Naim cables

Wondered if anyone has any experience with the Inakustik Referenz or views - as the forum draws a blank when I search

thanks all

Hi @samuel99 these are great cables … well at least they were for me… I replaced the standard NAC A5 with these in my setup (2Go+Hugo2 -> 300DR -> Sphear audio speakers) and found the sound more detailed. Spent more than a year with the Inakustik before upgrading again. Inakustik are quite popular down here in Australia.

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I stand corrected & have zapped my original post.
I got into the mnftr’s www & looking at their design drawings, it’s an interwoven multi core with an air dialectic, & that seems to be the KSP design principle & although they don’t publish the specs as such they do claim very low capacitance, so might be suitable for Naim.
However, I really would like to know the all import inductance number.
Question is which of the many cable model numbers are you looking at

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Thanks Mike - its the LS803 model regards Martin

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I use the brand, model Atmos Air. Good relation price/ quality.

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thanks all- im not yet convinced that this cable is the best option for me - will most likely use NACAS 5

I have the Inakustiks LS-4004 Air Reference Speaker Cables. Very Happy with them. However, not using Naim amplification. Used the NF 2404 interconnects until I went XLR Balanced for equipment reasons, nothing to do with the cables. PM me if interested in RCA 2404.

Very Happy with the LS-4004 cable. Highly recommended.

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If I was to build a system from the ground up and didn’t ( as I did) used one from previous systems, I would opt for the nacA5

A lot of cables work very well with Naim, in different prices range, and certainly a lot better than Naca 5, for some of these.
I had the Naca 5 at the beginning. Now Apertura. My next will be Kharma.
Other use Tellurium, Chord, Which hat, Kudos, Superlumina, Vertere, Audience…

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Wasn’t their a suggestion by Naim that their amplifiers should us a higher inductance cable of some minimum length? I assume these all fall into that category. What is a bit strange is the rather “non inductive way to tidy the excess cable”.

I was give the following info by Robert Neil at world wide wholesales in Canada. For the Inakustiks speaker cables: LS-1603 = 0,16uH/m
LS-2404 AIR = 0,13uH/m
LS-4004 AIR = 0,11uH/m

Not familiar with the LS803 model of cable. Perhaps others are. The LS-4004 are impressive looking as well as sounding.

Thanks bailyhill, if that is correct it means - given a ‘normal’ domestic install of speaker cable length - they are not providing anything close to the correct inductance load (minimum 3.5uH) & (on paper) are not suitable for Naim amps.

I also found some more info on an Australian www & it says Reference LS-2404 cable has 0.433μH/m & 0.146nF/m (146pF)
??? errr ?? apart from different inductance numbers from your (Canada) numbers, the capacitance numbers look to be way off, 146pF/m is extremely high & at odds with the Inakustik claim of very low capacitance. (for ref info - NACA5 is 16pF/m)
I have to disregard the Aus data, but would like to see a full spec sheet from Inakustik

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