Incoming NDX2 replacing trusty NDX 9 years of great music

just ordered a new NDX2 from @Cymbiosis to replace my much loved NDX (2014) which I have to say is still no slouch on the Music after all these years

I took a while for me to think about and move over from my then CDX2/XPS to NDX but did not regreat it, yes ripping my then 500+ CD collection was a pain in the…but once done delighted

I don’t really stream (my be that will now change? ) use for Iradio - which on some stations is superb, but main use us UpNP which is great when cooking or friends around just playing, and those high res music files are exceptional

my main source is my lovely LP12 (spec in Bio) but the NDX offered plenty of music through the years with 202,282 and Now 252 amps 200, 300 and 300DR - speakers B&W 805 and Kudos Titans 505

heres to NDX2 - my thoughts to follow, collect at the end of next week, just ready for the staycation !


My NDX (2012) still giving good service.

Waiting and saving for an NSS333 but if I had room in my rack I would just get an Auralic Aries streaming transport and use the NDX as a DAC. It still sounds great…

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Collected from @Cymbiosis today, installation was easy, found the booklet provided really helpful to take me through the stages

Connected remote through 252 also easy and personalised APP also

Musically delighted with the results, needs to fully run in but real uplift from NDX, delighted with new purchase, also added HI line Din -Din


Good move. I had both the NDX and the NDX2 and thought the NDX2 was a big improvement on the original. Enjoy :+1:


I have listened to the NDX2 but not back-to-back with the original NDX. Keen to hear your thoughts…

@Antz - congratulations on your new streamer - the NDX2 is a belter. FWIW, I think the HiLine (properly dressed) makes a noticeable difference to it as well. Great stuff. Hope you enjoy it.


Tomorrow’s task just need to ensure does not touch 252/SC burndy and hangs free, just setting up today


NDX2/252/300DR is a fab combo, enjoy.

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Really liked my NDX purchased in 2014

NDX2 whole new level of detail and musicality and that’s after 4 hours

Also love the ease of set up and functionality of NDX2, but new technology

So far delighted with move


It opens out more with a power supply Antz. There might be some good deals on an XPSDR with the new kit now out. Just saying…

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Oh, the temptations
And so it continues…


Need to save some pennies, will also need more Fraim, but I am thinking 2 Fraim but not yet

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Just made sure this morning, only have 2 sources into 252 LP12 which I use Aux 2 and for NDX2 use CD

On left trying to keep away from Burndy, prob need to just move Fraim out s
Slightly more from wall


Fully dressed thanks @HungryHalibut front and rear


Congratulations on the upgrade Ant. Sounds like it’s been a good move.

I also have 252/300DR/NDX and have occasionally mused over the idea of a NDX2 upgrade but I cannot justify the expense given my listening profile of 90/10 LP12/streaming.

So I’ll carry on with NDX until it gives up the ghost (which will hopefully be a few more years yet)

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The NDX2 is fine with the 252DR. Spend more on vinyl!

Seriously, though. I preferred the NDX2 without the XPSDR with my 252DR. However, it was great the 282/SCDR.

You can also try the unmentionable for it from Chord.

Might try with PSU, in time I own already………from Chord

Really like the musical performance of NDX2 with FLAC, and I radio delighted with music

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