Incorrect image on Naim website for Nova

Was looking at the Atom’s page which has a nice little interactive rotating Atom - the Nova has a group of images relating to features you can go through using < > buttons.

This is not the back of the Nova unless it’s changed!

Is that the Star?

Its not the same as the back of my Nova for sure!

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Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 16.22.50

Must be the Star - its page doesn’t have a similar rear panel image in the series.

Suspect an early Atom ‘rear’ was used for the interactive 360 display:

Obviously a slow day here - I’m putting off venturing to town to do some shopping :smiling_imp:


I may have missed the Star’s ‘rear’ view if it’s on the website!

I found it by googling for it, but it wasn’t on the Naim website…

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Haha! Very slow. I have Manbola and a trapped nerve in my neck, and feel heroic for having done my battle at the supermarket this morning among the zombie hordes squabbling over aisle space and using blocking tactics. Silly sods! Made me laugh though, and then that hurt my neck again. :rofl: I digress…

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I got dragged to M&S then Waitrose at around 7am and was less than impressed. I really needed a lie in today. Had planned to do present shopping but really can’t face it currently.

Manbola - will have to remember that one.

If you look at the picture of the 252 and 282 you’ll see it’s actually the 552. It’s been like that for about five years, despite me telling Naim. Their attention to detail isn’t what it might be when it comes to their website.

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I had a quick look and didn’t notice to be honest, though I’m sure you are correct.

It’s the new 272, just for Nigel it has a statement volume control.

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