Inexpensive bookshelf speakers for Naim uniti 1 (2012)

Hi all I have 2012 Uniti 1 I’ve got it paired with some 40year old linn Kan MK1 that are looking a bit long in the tooth. So I’m after some recommendations for inexpensive bookshelf speakers think q acoustic. I’m in my late 30s with a young family hence the need for bookshelf I’d them to be as understated as possible so clean aesthetics would be welcomed.


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I’d say nothing above £500 at this point in time. I imagine I’ve probably answered my own question with the q acoustic reference but was wondering what people’s experiences are or what they’d set up for a 2nd room office set up something like that.

We don’t listen to a much audiophile quality music just a bit of streaming, cds and radio on the uniti.

Elac B6.2
Nice speaker with front facing port,

What hi fi awarded 5star

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Yeh I’ve read reviews on those they seem to do really well.

I’ve also been considering a rega planar 1 plus so anything I can shave off speakers would help toward one.

For a budget speaker they pack a nice all round sound, work really well with my first naim kit 92-FC-90

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Neat Iota.

Allegedly developed using naim amplification.

Maybe a bit expensive new but will be some available excemo / SH market

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The Kans are excellent speakers and far better than anything you’d get for £500 these days. If you are happy with the sound, maybe a bit of wax on the wood would perk them up looks wise.


I think that might be what I do to be honest. Nostalgia alone will make me keep them. The cones a little damaged from years of being poked no holes or anything though.

The fabric covers have had it in my opinion though but I don’t really know what or how to replace them. What fabric did speaker covers use :man_shrugging:t3:

I think they could do with a light sanding and then sealing.

The covers pull off, and are fabric on a frame. I’m sure Linn could advise on the sort of fabric to use. Mr Google may be all you need.

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92/90 is really nice I’ve still got my Nait 3 and cd 3.5. They’ve been retired currently though as I got myself the uniti in 2021.

A sound plan. I think here was my first staring point on the research journey.

Thanks for all the pointers everone

If you are not in too much of a rush and don’t mind second hand, you can get real deal, take the occasion to try some speakers for a while, if you don’t like then you can sell without lost. I see (in Canada) a pair of ProcAc Tablette III for 500 $ Can. That’s not much in. B pounds. :slight_smile:

My hidden point behind all that is even if it’s a second or third system, if you are going to use it often enough you probably are going to miss the nice feeling of good sound. This is what is happening to me with my KEF LSX in my kitchen/dining room…

Good luck!

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I bought a pair of Q Acoustics 3010i during lockdown and was delighted with how good they were on a small Naim rig.

They are supplied with foam bungs for the port, making them easy to place. They are so efficient you will think you have a NAP250 fixed to your Uniti 1.


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My first thought was Tygan mesh, then the only pair I have handled had been refinished.
There is a manual on Manuals.lib that is rather confusing because it says there is no grill frame to avoid rattles, then describes a process that suggests there is a frame. Other fora refer to taking care not to crack the frame when removing!
Good luck.

I would definitely keep the Kans as long as they sound OK. Not sure about the grills coming off. My pair had a warning on the back “Do not remove grill” so I assumed that they were glued in place or something. I’ve never tried it though.

Perhaps replace the tweeters? I’ve recently done that to my IBLs and the grey sound instantly became colourful again.

Look at Monitor Silver 50 7g, Bowers 607 s2, Dali Oberon 1, Q Acoustics 5010 and Dynaudio M10 should be within your budget.

Perhaps a secondhand pair of Royds or Epos ES11’s?