Info, please

I’ve just got my Mk.1 Uniti back, following a service and replacement of the OLED display unit, and the job sheet mentions the replacement of the Audivo, and I just wondered what it was, and what it did, please.
I’m leaving it unboxed, to warm up, before connecting everything up tomorrow.
They’ve also returned a puck, lost inside several years ago, so now I have two spares.

A quick web search suggests that Audivo is an engineering company for hardware and software modules for HiFi audio streaming.

Thanks, Blythe, I’d already searched and found that out, but was curious as to which circuit it was part of?
It’s just idle curiosity, really, and as I’m waiting for things to “bed in”, and stabilise, it doesn’t really matter, things are sounding good again.
Again, thanks.

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