Innuos 2.0 vs Roon 1.8

Phoenix been in the system for a few hours now, I like the impact/improvement, improved bass, voices, more depth. It won’t be going back.
Now for more listening.


Now that’s a review :hugs: what setup do you have.

Interesting so whilst Innuos pfaff around for years with their app, Roon may have closed the gap, time for another room trial I think.

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Innuos Zen/Phoenix into Chord MScaler/Dave/Etude, PMC Twenty5.23 speakers and Nova/Spendor A4 in family room.

I think it will be hard for Innuos to better Roon but who knows, I only use stored files plus Qobuz so not all that demanding.

I agree, based on my listening since 1.8 dropped.

However, I actually now prefer Roon Core to Exp Mode. I keep switching between the two to check my preference, and each time the former wins out.

That said, I’m all ears for what Innuos 2.0 might offer.

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Ahh non Naim so USB.

Yes 1.8 has really closed the gap between experimental and the Roon core modes, very good and is 100% stable.
If 2.0 is good it could save a bit of cash, I’m keeping an open mind. I do wonder how Innuos will market it as up until now the ability to run as a ROON Core has been to their advantage.

Yes the Phoenix is a USB reclocker although I believe the are developing an ethernet counterpart.

Another too slow to market, but i do think the peeps at Innuos will release a stellar 2.0.

Interesting, I recall asking about the Phoenix when it was released, Innuos advised ditching the Audiophilleo ilo of the M2Tech and elloborate LPS.

I think some sour grapes from Innuos, as the Audiophilleo is an impressive solution and SQ.

Anyway it put me off the Phoenix as I do love the Audiophilleo.

Lots of choices and plenty of ways to spend our cash, must check out the Audiophilleo sometime.

Innuos new website is up and running.
No sign of 2.0 yet…

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Same old, same old.

Logged into Roon and it is giving me another free 14 day trial, time to give 1.8 in experimental mode again.

Not really relevant to this discussion but new web site has definitely upped their game. I would guess the app will have a similar look.

I thought the site was very basic, i do wonder if 2.0 will even be an app or continue the web approach?

I made the mistake of reading the Roon Community threads on 1.8, some unhappy bunnies over there.

I think for Innuos to develop 2.0 to challenge Roon 1.8 is a massive undertaking. If you look at the effort, resources and critical feedback Naim has to endure, with a substantial larger customer base than Innuos, it puts the task into perspective.
Perhaps it would be better to stick to what they are good at and focus development resources on streaming, server and ROON Core improvements.


I think you are massively over-estimating the market for Roon; the size of Roon themselves etc. I would guess that most streaming manufacturers will go the way of Innuos. Roon strike me as very unlikely to be around in even 5 years time.

So trailing Roon 1.8 again via Squeezelite option, odd the Zenith says updated to 1.7, anyway the UI has become overly fussy and within just a 30 min listening the iPad crashes a few times.