Innuos 2.0 vs Roon 1.8

I wasn’t really thinking about the market for Roon just the size of the task for Innuos, how many years have Naim being having a go, it takes resource and expertise, I’m not sure Innuos have it. Be very happy if they succeed I don’t have any shares in Roon.

Roon works very well for me. I only use Roon Radio and Discovery occasionally but DSP is important for me.

Does Innuos have DSP or any other of the features offered by Roon?

Yes it does have DSP but you have to be careful which settings and demands you make on the Innuos’s limited processing power.
It works fine if you just operate the core for ripping/store/replay/radio etc.

Yes, Innuos, Melco etc are best for local replay with their dedicated low power storage and server solutions. Having used both approaches at home, I prefer the flexibility of the Roon, heavy lifting at a remote server with dedicated end points, approach. Both solutions are equally valid, depending on your requirements though.

I’d be very surprised if Roon wasn’t around in five years. ‘Roon ready’ is becoming a prerequisite for new hifi just as Dolby digital used to be expected back in the day. Even innuos and melco have it as a standard offering and I’d be amazed if they didn’t even if version 2 is incredible


I dislike the iPeng controller app, but like it allows lockscreen control on pad o/s, I cannot believe Roon still hasn’t provided this feature.

Hi @glasnaim i actually verified whether this is or isn’t an issue a couple of weeks ago.
I did have my doubts whether the Innuos would be able to run OK as a Core when employing a higher level of DSP, especially after what I had read.

This was what I posted in the other thread:-

Even with a Modest amount of DSP (I have applied a convolution filter for when listening through speakers, and apply headphone presets for headphone listening) the processing speed still remains well above the figure Roon quote where it would be a problem (1.0).
The speed decreases a lot as you play higher res files, and I haven’t tried any DSDs yet, but my Zenith (well, upgraded Zen!) as a Roon Core manages perfectly well with no stuttering or the like.

Just so people know if they are considering applying DSP.

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2hrs on back to iPeng, cancel Roon trial, too fussy and SQ is better without Roon.

Now just hoping Innuos don’t make a dogs mess.


Good to know, thanks Chris.

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I’ve binned iPeng in favour of the LMS web page converted to an app by adding it to the Home Screen. Quicker and more reliable.


LMS Web page not come across that, please elloborate.

Logitech Media Server Material Skin plug in. Thus.

InSafari, type in your MyInnuos IP. Add :9000/Material Skin add save the result to your Home Screen. It will then open full screen. Mine is in dark mode. Much more customisable than iPeng and 100% reliable.

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Thanks @mikehughescq got it working will try it out tomorrow, though I do like iPeng lockscreen controls.

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At one point Squeezebox was the future and would be around forever. Roon is a relatively small company as is Innuos. I don’t think that the disproportionate amount of publicity the former gets in the relatively small world of high end audio should be used to attribute them with a level of technical knowledge unachievable by others.

Roon is essentially a neat but fairly obvious UI. The likes of Innuos should have little difficulty replicating that and nor will other manufacturers. It’s current novelty will soon wear off. What does that leave?

Well I guess there’s “music discovery”. That’s a marmite feature if ever there was one. Leaves me cold but for others it’s indispensable. Objectively though it’s AllMusic dressed up pretty. There’s little unique technical expertise involved there. Again, easily replicated and, as others have already recognised, lots of companies understand enough about their customer base to recognise they either won’t need it or need to offer an “off” switch.

After that? DSP? Okay, no problem with that but, again, there are multiple options already available from companies of all sizes.

Yes Roon Ready etc. is appearing more and more. So what? Offering an option like that lasts exactly as long as it takes several of the big boys to look at and go “we can do that” or to decide that the associated fees are taking the mickey. My printer has Bluetooth as do most at a similar price point. I’m never going to use it. My DAC has 3 headphone outs. Never going to use them. What you offer and what gets taken up and used are two entirely different things.

Roon are not the end game here. They’ve done well but we’re really at the beginning of this and they’re not innovative or fleet of foot enough to survive as others up their game.

Now, none of that is to say I think Innuos 2 will magically step in and “beat” Roon 1.8. However, rest assured it’s simply a matter of time and common sense that something will soon.

I can’t get the iPeng Lock Screen controls to work on either my iPhone or iPad Pro. Not a dealbreaker but I prefer the LMS Material skin anyway.

We will see Mike, I’m all in favour of competition, it pushes everybody forward but there is no-one doing anything remotely similar now in terms of interface. When I had my Mac I preferred audirvana for sound but on the innuos it’s a no brainer, the alternative interfaces are amateurish. I’ll be delighted if innuos 2 challenges Roon

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You do realise Roon don’t charge for the license to use Roon code their are no licensing fees. Yes there is their own rnd costs to implement it as there is with anything including squeezlite but that’s recouped back like all rnd.

I do. It’s a way to grab attention and market share. It’s not a sustainable business proposition. It will change as surely as the competitors who do it better start to mount up.

Interesting site shows more o/s details but it is clearly just iPeng.

It is. I do wonder whether Innuos have simply developed iPeng for their app?