InnuOS 2.4.5 released

New Features and Improvements

  • New Tags view on Music allowing to navigate the library by tag
  • Search and sort tags alphabetically or by number of albums on each tag
  • Show Albums, Album Artists, All Artists and Composers by tag
  • Select two or more tags and merge them into one, updating all relevant files
  • UI Improvements on Artist, Album and Playlist pages
  • It’s now faster to add streaming services tracks to playlists and the queue
  • Improved loading time of Smart Mixes with music from Shared Folder
  • Streaming Services Home Widget now goes directly to streaming services management page

Bug Fixes

  • Overlaid button on iOS (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • SENSE app not recovering after device going to sleep when in Roon mode (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • Album filters totals are incorrect when changes are made while filters are selected (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • Clicking in (?) on ‘Add Shared Folder’ will cause the UI to crash (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • Editing Albums with M4A tracks fails to save track number (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • In the SENSE app home page, horizontal swipe triggers vertical movement (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • Some WAV tracks are listed as compressed
  • Accessing track info to the HRA tracks, in duration displays NaN:NaN
  • Accessing Artists and Albums on HRA and back keeps loading the page
  • Tracks added to library from Qobuz lack the option to add to favourite
  • Clear UPnP database is not working
  • MQA Tracks with commas in the path are always decoded
  • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements

Yet again the notification didn’t. That’s two of the mast three updates where it failed. Ho hum. Thanks for the alert.

Updated seamlessly. Tag functionality fairly useless for me as the only ones I want to fix are the streaming services ones. Interface improvements seem likely to grow on me.

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Do we finally get the option to put the steaming service menu/shortcut on the home page?

It has been bugging me for ages that I can’t quickly launch the Sense App and go to my recent “for you” daily mixes and albums in Tidal.

It’s a mission to find these in Sense.

And to me the whole point of a home page you can customise is to be able to do this.

Home page customisation is coming.

I got the notification and it all downloaded smoothly, with the usual delay afterwards while it relocated (or whatever) my ND555 and Atom HE. All working fine. Haven’t had time to play with the tags stuff yet. No change in SQ as far as I can tell, though.

2.4.6 out now with bug fixes (mainly for Roon)

2.4.6 appears to have broken my Roon server’s ability to see my Zenmini’s shared folders… :disappointed:
They were working perfectly together yesterday after 2.4.5

Is it still playing up? I haven’t used Roon since I compared it for SQ with Sense and opted for the latter, but whenever I do an update my Statement loses the Naim network players and takes a few minutes to magically find them again.

I’ve managed to get it back working. Seems to have been a DNS issue and night be connected to me switching the core to a fixed IP two days ago. Why it had taken until this morning to fall over I have no idea. I’ve set the core back to DHCP and all seems well.

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and now there is a 2.4.7

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2.5.0 is out now


Already installed. No issues, although I’ve had some interesting glitches with the last version so I’ve a remote session tomorrow.

  • BBC Sounds went awol.
  • last track plsyed keeps appearing/disappearing even though nothing else has been played in the interim.

Not really clocked the backup changes until today when I was prompted to do my monthly backups. Quite impressive.

And finally found an album with a booklet which can be viewed in Sense. Pleasantly surprised. Works far better than I thought it might.

Anybody set the volume to full, while trying to make fine adjustments of the slider volume control, in Innuos Sense ? :bomb:
I bring you early good tidings.
Well, you will be glad to know that from InnuOS version 2.5.5, +/- volume control buttons will be added alongside the volume slider control. :+1::blush:


A cautionary tale for NSC222 or NAC272 users, be careful with the volume control as it might turn the volume to 100% on the output to your speakers. I hope that Innuos will provide a volume limiter so you cannot push the volume above 50% without altering the limiter setting. PS my unpleasant experience was with the LMS UPNP to DLNA bridge, not the beta for 2.5.5 of Sense, which I haven’t tried.

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