Innuos Ethernet support

Is anyone using Innuos 2.1.0 beta version of UPnP Ethernet support with a Naim streamer? Any initial impressions vs the LMS workaround?

Yes, been using the beta for 2 weeks. My usual connection is Zenith USB to DAC but a friend wanted to see how it worked with their streamer. I can’t comment with the LMS workaround but my friend could and they seemed pleased enough i.e. it just works.

Sounds positive, thanks Mike…

I had the 2.1.0 Beta installed five days ago. On Friday they had to install a couple of patches; I guess the Beta is doing its job of revealing glitches!

I haven’t used the LMS work around, so I can’t compare, but so far this is giving me what I wanted - the ability to use the more flexible search functionality of the Sense app for playback.

An apparent glitch that I’ve brought to the tech’s attention is that the volume slider doesn’t have any effect when my NDS is the player, although it works fine with my Mu-so.

When searching albums, there is a very useful filter that allows one to narrow searches by source (local or streaming services), file resolution or tags. This is not currently available for searches by track or artists, but is apparently planned for future releases.

Does the NDS have System Automation? Enabling it on the ND555 and connecting it to the amp allows with requisite cable allows the volume control to work

I’m having the newer beta installed later today. A few glitches with loading album covers and some slowness in adding albums is about all for me so far. I don’t think we’re too far off.

The NDS does have system automation, which I have implemented. In the Naim app, the volume control works, but not in the Sense app.

Ooh hello. Latest beta installed. Slight uptick in sound once again. A tad more mid range. Lovely. The app? Just works as far as I can tell.

Third party apps with slider volume controls cannot access the analogue volume pot on a Naim preamp. The Naim app resorts to +/- buttons for this purpose as these can activate the tiny motor which turns the pot up or down, but there is no feedback to indicate what the volume level is, which would be a requirement for a slider.

The all-in-one devices (Muso, Uniti, NAC-N streamer/preamps) do not have this limitation as, although they use analogue volume controls, they are still digitally controlled so the slider will work in the Naim app, and third party apps such as Roon and Innuos.

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Sorry for the red herring… I’ve had it disabled on mine for a while…,

You are correct, now that I think it through. The system automation feature allows me to control the volume on my 252 using the NDS remote, and is separate from the volume control in the streamer app.

The Naim app and the streamer remote both have access to system automation volume control. It’s just the slider control that won’t work.

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