InnuOS - release 2.6.3


    • Improved Artist Official Discography display for Qobuz
    • Now it is possible to create and play playlists with up to 10000 tracks
    • Now it is possible to add a NAS shared folder without scanning it immediately
    • Now it is possible to edit Qobuz playlists directly in Sense

Bug fixes and improvements

    • Solved issues when importing Playlists with NAS tracks
    • Solved issues regarding splitting a compilation album where the original album would disappear
    • Fixed issue where Sense App was not finding a server on the network if server is not connected to the Internet
    • Fixed issues in Factory Reset when using languages other than English
    • Fixed issue accessing long playlists that caused the wrong playlist to be displayed
    • Fixed issue that caused the wrong information to be displayed when editing several Artists in succession
    • Fixed issue in update if the system was in Endpoint mode where the Home Page would be displayed
    • Fixed issues when importing a playlist that cause the operation to fail if a track could not be processed
    • Improved the performance for library operations, namely editing artists and deleting NAS albums
    • Improved streaming service login and account management
    • Improved user experience for creating a new Playlist for a streaming service
    • Improved the virtual keyboard experience when searching Albums, Artists, Tracks and Playlists
    • Improved shuffle time for TIDAL playlists
    • Improvements on Contact Support on innuOS

Another quick and painless install.

Like that albums or indeed everything from one artist can now finally be seen in chronological order albeit that I’d have preferred an o-tyson for oldest first rather than newest.

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As always, why can’t other firmware updates be as painless???