Innuos Sense 2.2.0

For innuos users the latest version of the sense app should now be available which includes improvements and fixes


Already upgraded and exploring. Nothing really really major but all positive.

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Was just about to post and spotted yours thanks.
Was hoping the Tidal Unfolding, but no.

In 2.2, anyone see how to manually eject a CD? The Eject icon is gone and I have one stuck in my Zen Mini Mk.3.

not sure if its gone on the app but if you log in from a computer to disc ripping there is a tiny arrow top right to eject

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It looks more or less the same on the Innuos Sense iphone app, with the same icon top right.

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I think the update must not have installed correctly. I can’t get it to connect to the server. It sees the ZENmini, but when I select it, it just spins and spins without connecting. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the apps from and to all my devices. I would do a factory reset (everything is backed up), but since it won’t connect, I can’t get past the first screen. Is there another way to do a factory reset?

Have you tried the old IT favourite, switch off and back on again?

Yes, several times.

Can you connect using “My Innuos” ?

No. My audio rep just came out to give it a shot, with no luck either. I have a support ticket open with Innuos and will report back with his findings.

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Having some fun with a playlist I’ve just created. Not all album images loading; track indicator not moving on even when tracks do. Adding a track adds an entire album.

João with Innuos just finished a Zoho support session. He said it was a small glitch in the 2.2 update. He was able to resolve the issue and reinstall 2.2. All is well now!

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Has anyone tried creating a new playlist? The issues persist for me. Waiting to hear from Innuos. It’s not a biggie as the only playlists I used are from the Album Group I’m s member of in work but nevertheless I’d like it sorted.

I dont use it but there doesnt appear to be an iption fir Roon?

It’s under System settings. Set for Standalone and then you have the option to select Roon

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