Innuos Statement Next Generation Power Supply

Starting a new thread just for this now since the old one is locked and it may in any case be helpful to have a dedicated one on the upgrade journey.

I’m posting now because I can never keep track of time and I boxed up my Statement to drop off at the dealer today, so we can all see how long it takes to come back.

The Statement’s only been gone for a few hours and I am already missing it, listening to the Roon Nucleus+ now. The latter’s no slouch with the PhoenixNet but the loss of bottom end, textural detail, air, micro-contrast delicacy. integrated complexity and general palpability is readily apparent…


Interested in hearing what improvement it will bring, does it have to go back to Portugal for the work ?

Following with interest - could be a good excuse for a drive across to Portugal…

Yes, though first to Innuos UK.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread too.

Well, the Statement’s been away for 12 days now and I’ve been missing it like hell, I have to say, listening instead to my Roon Nucleus+ via PhoenixNet, which is hardly a SQ disaster with the ND555, but still a much more digital hi-fi than organic music experience, but also less detailed, clear and dynamic, so less of a hi-fi experience too.

The background to the upgrade is none at all, but I thought I’d just fill it in. It’s a bit like when I did the DR upgrades for the Naim 500 kit: I basically did them on trust, which is something I never usually do with Hi-Fi. So it says something about how I feel about both Naim and Innuos.

That said, I have heard lots of positive things about the difference the new Next Generation power supply and other upgrades make to the Statement, both from Innuos and from those who have attended Hi-Fi show and shop demos of the new old and Statements side by side. What really hooked me in were not so much the comments on dynamics, noise floor and soundstage as those on instrumental and vocal texture. So that’s what I’ll be listening for.

The obvious elephant in the room is that my impressions will be from memory… so unless I report hearing wonders that I never even knew were present on recording x or y by performer z, anyone reading will need to sprinkle the proverbial pinch of salt. And even then…

That’s of course assuming I don’t hate the change, which is the worry I had unnecessarily about the 500 to 500DR in particular.

Well, let’s see what I think we when it arrives and then as it it burns it. I have no idea for the time being about when it’s going to come home.