Innuos Statement Next Generation Power Supply

Glad this great for you…I have had a similar experience to you except with really good power supplies on passive Rock Nuc and AQvox switch. However, a really really important factor is the quality of the psu connecting cables … they need to be really good. I made my own from woven six core aka kimber… the effect of these was amazing… Like you I am gob smacked at the results…we are not talking subtle

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I agree. The Powerigel made an impressive difference and the Sean Jacobs (Custom Hi-Fi Cables) PowerBlack power block even more so. That’s what’s being used with the Statement.

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Yes the the power cords from mains are important…but also the low voltage cable to devices…they make a huge difference.

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Ah, yes. I just went with Sean’s cords on the power supplies I used for the Roon Nucleus and EtherRegens in the past. I still have a DC3 left and may get a cord for the router once I’ve figured out what type of plug I need to get.

I know Chord do replacement umbilicals for the Statement but I’ve not tried them yet and am not in any hurry. I’ve always been disappointed by the Chord cables I’ve demoed.

Anyone here tried or use the Chord umbilicals for the Statement?

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I have now doubt you have a superb sounding system…I have experimented the X300 Ryzen apu system this sounded better than the NUC…so I definately think Innuos are onto something…

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I got a 1m made for my statement which was made by chord (they wanted £1100, my dealer complained and we settled on £550) i was led to believe that that made them oem for innuos. (but i could be mistaken).

I can’t really comment on any sound differences, as i never used the shorter length cable.

I replaced a relatively thin chinese coax with my braided kimber like cables…and that was huge diffence…I am sure your chord cable will be very very good…enjoy :wink:

Thats Taz the lazy Jack Russel…he’s a menace!

“Anyone here tried or use the Chord umbilicals for the Statement?”

I’ve had Sean create a 30 cm set using Mundorf S/G wire. Worth it!

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Thank, you! That’s very interesting: I have more faith in Sean’s ears than Chord’s…

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Hi Michael,
I have been running the Chord umbillicals for the past 2 years and they made a substantial difference compared to the standard OEM, adding additional detail and air. During those 2 years I implemented Nenon’s JSSG360 Mundorf Silver/Gold DC cables for all the network power supplies and they made an even bigger difference, so if a was starting from scratch I’d skip the Chord umbillicals and have Sean make a set based on the Mundorf cable. The only downside there being that the Mundorf cable takes Aons to run in and sound its best.


Thanks @Blackmorec for seconding that recommendation. I’ll give Sean a shout.

For mains, I use Sean’s PowerBlack cables in his Distribution Block, which I preferred to his silver cables and the Powerline, Powerigel (which I had before) and Powerigel Plus (though I suspect you’re referring to the DC cables from the DC4 to the devices).

Even though I went on both the Saturday and the Sunday to the North West show I still didn’t manage to get around all of the rooms although I probably got around 90% so got a pretty good idea of what was there.

There was only two rooms I rated and really enjoyed being in.

Do most people use the Off Line mode when listening to music from the SSD hard drive?

I think it makes a big difference on my system and would always try and use it.

I find a definite but not massive uplift in overall clarity, presence and intimacy especially with good recordings, even on the Statement with PhoenixNet. But to be honest, most of the time I don’t bother with Offline Mode and merrily switch around between Qobuz and what’s on my hard disk.

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A quick non-update from me: I’ve been away for almost a week at a surprise wedding (not mine).

The lack of continuity doesn’t help evaluating any changes, but it is sounding very nice (and has been powered up albeit unused all the time). Can’t detect any massive leap while I was away, though I’d be very happy if what I am hearing now is all there is to it…


Hi Michael, very interested in following your progress. Thinking of upgrading to the Statement Next Gen from my Zenith Mk3 + PhoenixUSB.

Is that initial hardness/brightness that you noted gone by now?

Yes. It’s sounding great now. With well recorded tracks it’s absolutely magical but the Next Gen upgrade also enhances old recordings and most poorly engineered ones, too.

From what others have written, I am expecting the performance to deteriorate a bit and then make a final significant improvement, but it hasn’t happened yet…

Thanks for the ongoing report Michael, following with interest. Can I ask you a question about the Statement in general, I see you have retained the PhoenixNet is this because you feel the Statement is lacking in terms of ethernet reclocking, or just benefits from leaving the PhoenixNet in the system ?
I ask because I currently have the Zenith/PhoenixNet/PhoenixUSB, so if I move to the Statement what’s worth retaining ?