Innuos Statement Vs zenith mk3/pheonix

morning all,

any innuos statement owners out there interested in views and whether much uplift SQ wise vs a zenith mk3 with/with out a pheonix usb

application would be to drive a DAVE dac into naim pre/power setup

as ever appreciate views and experiences :slight_smile:


Good morning, I don’t have a Statement but have Zen with Phoenix feeding into MScaler/Dave, I felt the Phoenix was a decent improvement to my set up. I asked Innuos about the benefit of the adding the Phoenix, they were of the view that adding the Phoenix to the Zenith improved the sound towards the Statement performance, obviously the Statement contains more, the recently released PhoenixNet being a significant extra component.
The feedback of adding the Phoenix I have seen is mostly very positive, there are a view users on here whom I’m sure will comment.

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When I originally demo’ed the Zen, Zenith and Statement, it was using a Dave/Mscaler and the improvements from each to the next were quite obvious. I settled for a Zenith as I felt it was the sweet spot in the range (and miles better than the Melco I was using at the time) and offered best vfm.

I use a Linn Klimax streamer so wouldn’t use a Phoenix USB however I’ve recently added a PhoenixNET and found that it transforms the Zenith. I don’t recall the Statement giving me goosebumps in the same way, but if I had I’d have bought it.


I don’t have a statement so can’t comment on that part but I do have a phoenix usb on a zenith 3 and the uplift is conserable. It feeds my Hugo TT 2 and MScaler and is a superb source


thanks all good to hear the zenith and pheonix combos working well seems to be a good combo vs money spent as is 50% of the statement’s cost

is so hard trying to find a demo pheonix usb unit though never seems to be in stock :frowning:

interesting DAVE good to hear has worked for you, does the pheonix NET go before the KLIMAX i.e. same as the USB version ?

makes me wonder if the Pheonix NET would give benefit before the zenith also? as the etherregen made a noticeable difference but feel money would be better spent else where in my case :slight_smile:

Yes, before the Klimax. So a single cable from the Phoenix to the Zenith and then Phoenix to Klimax. I no longer use the dedicated output on the Zenith.

If you’re having difficulty getting a demo, I’d recommend speaking to Steve Hitch at Sonority, he was instrumental in getting me to try a PhoenixNET (thanks Steve, cost me a few quid!) in the first place and was able to get hold of one for me to hear.

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I also have bought a Phoenix net, albeit in a different system. It handles ethernet before my Naim nd555. It has brought extra clarity and timing……worth a demo imo.


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