Innuos update 2.6.0

Editing albums is now rocket fast

Do Innuos mention how they have improved sound quality - less lines of code, anti flux jitter enhancement technology (AFJET) or empirical transmission advanced transport (ETAT)?

or is it simply a statement that it now sounds better with no explanation?


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Maybe placebo but I’m convinced mine sounds better……

All good given it’s a freebie!


Does your radio logo’s show, since installing the update?

Good questions. I haven’t found a claim of general sound improvement in the change notes or Inn-Sights article. There is a statement of new features added, such as Tidal Max and Deezer.

Listening to radio paradise and it now shows the art work of the album playing and art work shows from local files too. It’s just Qobuz that doesn’t show art work.


@malfordlad, @Sloop_John_B As far as I can see there is no claim by Innuos in relation to ‘general sound improvement’. There is a mention of sound improvement in relation to 32 bit WAV files, this is found at the end of the InnSights blog post, What’s New with innuOS 2.6, the last section headed ‘And everything else’.


There was a thread on the Innuous feedback page regarding an issue with WAV / AIFF files cutting off early. Nuno Vitorino posted that is now fixed with this latest version but also posted, ‘We’re also hoping you will hear a difference in sound quality as we removed one layer from the signal path.’


@_Nick Agreed, I found that article.

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Installed update. Radio seems to play 1 track only most times. If it does play another track, image on 222 does not update. When playing from Quboz, only Innuos logo shows……go figure :blush:

No changes with regard to Qobuz images for me. Bear in mind that Qobuz have done multiple iOS app updates this week and 1 of them logged you out and required you to log back in again. That didn’t impact the Sense app for me but it might for others.

I have noted some bugs which I’ll be reporting in due course once I’ve checked whether others have already reported them. So, for example, I did a backup to my 2 portable HDDs as I do monthly and immediately noted that my Chord DAC was disconnected and the Zenith required a reboot as soon as the 1st backup had finished.

I also noted that minimising the app and then reopening produces a screen change for some albums. A minor annoyance but one to fix nevertheless.

Finally I noted that some albums have a welcome but rather odd further option to open the album image in a near full screen version. I’ve been wanting that for a while but I’m not sure whether what we now have is a design feature or a bug.

On the positive side myself and Mrs. H. are both clear that there has been a clear change in the sound. I like it a lot. She wasn’t sure at 1st but I suspect that was down to the choice of track - Wings so-called under dubbed version of Band On The Run - which is rather sharp sounding. Since done an entire evening of listening which elicited zero protests.

I also note they appear to have finally fixed the issue where you added pre-reiease greyed out albums and the tracks then didn’t become available on the release date unless you rebooted the streamer.


I’m in agreement that there is a distinct improvement in sq. My system has never sounded better with respect to detail, balance and prat.


Something has changed with respect to SQ with my Zen mini in my second system. There is more air and more holographic sound. At first I just thought it was new tracks I was listening to since the Innuos is rather new to me, but I really notice across all my old tracks. Radio Paradise has never sounded better too. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe how good this streamer with a very good internal DAC can sound.


Although the issue seems to have been fixed with cutting off the last 5-10 seconds of AIFF files, has anyone noticed that it seems to skip the first half second or so on the next track?

I’m not one to moan but considering it took them the best part of three months to fix the AIFF file issue, these playback issues are starting to get on my nerves.

I’m not sure how simple it would be but it would be far easier to allow us to revert back to ‘the last working, non-buggy version’ so that we can just enjoy our music rather than having to wait for the next ‘fix’.

Same experience here, Radio Paradise is sounded like it’s had a “black box” upgrade, very impressive .


I heard Innuos were hacked but all resolved now.


I didn’t hear that, I read that the trouble with Qobuz yesterday was described by them as a malicious attack, but all ok now. I’m still finding the Qobuz site a bit wonky.

Further to my grumpy post above, the sound quality improvement of the latest update playing files (Innuous Zenith / USB Re-clocker) direct into your dac is not insignificant… without trying to be hyperbolic about it I would agree with the above that it’s impressively similar to what I would expect from a black box upgrade


2.6.1. is available

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Oops,.we just upgraded to 2.6.0 :flushed: