Innuos update 2.6.0

New update

Saw it a minute ago…
Anyone tested yet?

Yes, it’s looking good so far.

I’ve updated. Deezer support and a fancy volume button. Still no Tidal Connect :sweat_smile:

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

They write that,.among other things, they have improved the soundquality.
Have only listened for 20 minutes,.but I think it sounds better.
Anyone else here who has an InnuOs streamer and has had time to listen to the new upgrade…??

I use it as server only - don’t think this will have an effect on sq

What is a fancy volume button?

Instead of the volume slider it’s now a + and -

Does anybody use the slider ? I always leave it at 100.

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That’s what InnuOs wrote regarding this upgrade,.that it would affect the sound quality positively.
AND,.that’s what I thought I heard when I listened right after the upgrade.

Nope, mine is also set to 100. The in Sense App volume has no effect on the sound coming out of my SuperUniti. But it might be that I’m using CoAx out from the ZenMini3. Not tried it with USB out.

PS. It is sounding very nice this evening. So there could have been a sound improvement.

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I use the volume slider on my Zen Mk.II and Naim Nova. When you say always leave it at 100 is it because you use a DAC?

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Updated as ever. Very straightforward and quick. Not sure there’s much in Deezer if you’ve Tidal or Qobuz but it’s prompting me to take a look.

Like others I was advised that the slider stays on 100% but some like to control from there so they now have better control. Not got my head round the Qobuz version thing but there has definitely been a sound change. Slightly cleaner sound with a tad more bass precision.

They rarely talk about sound quality improvements unless they’re confident all will benefit and for me, for the first time in a while, there’s a clear uplift.


I haven’t updated since 2.2! It took a while but from 2.4 it was just doing each update automatically without intervention.

I’d say the USB sound has better mids and highs as well as tighter bass.


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That’s interestung/intriguing. How do you get it to update without intervention? I can’t see an option for it to do that. I’m using Sense on iOS devices.

Much to my surprise it did at 2.4 without asking. It knew there were multiple updates. Can’t be many who do it infrequently. There might have been one where it needed a nudge.


Also using my Zen 3 in server mode, but agree with Mike H that v2.6 sounds slightly cleaner.


Have done the update… yeah could be better…

Update installed as smoothly as all the Innuos updates I have performed to date.

I could be persuaded to believe there’s been a slight improvement in SQ through UPNP networked content - wired-WiFi hybrid network, but, as always, it’s perceptive rather than analytical.

I’ll listen to USB-DAC output over the weekend.


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Plugged in hard drive into the USB ports on my Pulse. I thought it wss much more dynamic v going though my Nss. Not integrated into your library though