Innuos Zen Mini - a Journey into Streaming Audio

Hey, thanks for noticing that.
Actually - by coincidence - I’m just in the process of writing some notes on the Naim cable. Call it an “update” on the last post.

Watch this space.

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I have Zen Mini. So do you think the Pulse is just the Zen Mini streamer in a new platform without dac and ripper. I think that’s what it is but doubting myself

I’m thinking we will have to wait until Autumn - maybe September - for these new items to be available in local dealers.

In the meantime, we can look forward to a review from a trusted source.

Having just recently looked at the market and bought into what Innous do, we’ve been very impressed with our Zen Mini + LPSU. Particularly the user interface, which is so easy.

My own thoughts for next step was to look at ND5 XS2 to add to our existing nDAC (in a second system). So, now we are looking forward to including Pulse Mini and Pulse too

Any thoughts on the Naim cable?

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I’m quite interested in the new Pulse mini. It seems like a contender for replacing my Allo USBridge Signature + Digione Signature + attendendant power supplies.

Having compared USB out vs SPDIF out from my USBridge/Digione Signature combo to my Chord TT2 I’ve found I have a definite preference for SPDIF with those devices. I know Innuos are very much a proponent of USB so i’d be very interested in how well USB from the Pulse mini performs and if it would be an upgrade over my Allo Signature setup.

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Update - Which Interconnect?
Update on thoughts for interconnects, since the last report, a few weeks ago…

Naim 2 RCA to 5 Pin Din
My wonderful dealer sent me a Naim Interconnect - 2 RCA to 5 Pin Din, 1M.
(Up to this point, we had been using the Chord Chrysalis, which is supposed to be similar / same).

Well, when the Naim cable went in, compared to the Chrysalis it sounded different, better, a bit more open. So, we then decided to leave it in for an extended listen.

To my ears, it is preferred to the Clearway and Chrysalis. Marginally. Which was a reason for giving it a serious listen.

As a result, the other loan cables went back to our dealer while we “lived” with the Naim.

It’s a nice cable, well made, sounds fine and we would be happy to keep it. The fact it sits with all the other Naim interconnects in this (mostly) Olive system also feels right.

After about a month, our dealer returned the Chord Shawline on loan to us, as this was the one we had indentified as our preferred option, from previously. (See above).

Chord Shawline (again)
On installing the Shawline the uplift in SQ was immediately obvious. (I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed for the Naim cable, as we had become used to it and liked the idea of keeping all the cables Naim at the back of the NAC72). But you can’t argue with an obvious difference.

The Shawline provides a wider bandwidth. Bass is better defined and more controlled. Treble notes crisper. The whole music is clearer.

I wouldn’t say it’s a significant moment. (For example, like adding a HiCap or any PSU to a Naim pre-amp for the first time). But, yes, this is clear enough to discern.

The Naim interconnect is a fine cable. We think it’s probably a better option than Clearway. Not so much obviously better SQ, maybe more a difference in presentation, which we liked. However, the Shawline allows more music to shine through.

Comparing Chord Clearway and the Naim, (not much difference in cost), I would choose the Naim interconnect. If the extra £££ can be afforded, the Chord Shawline provides a modest and worthwhile uplift in SQ.

A cautionary note
An interesting experiment, which we have really enjoyed. After all, it led to a lot of music being played and enjoyed. It’s also worth noting I don’t feel all these findings might be relied upon elsewhere.
With a different system or sources, I might try the Epic again and re-evaluate ? (For all the reasons mentioned above, in the first report). So, please try for yourself.


Note : Our thanks to Basically Sound for their enthusiastic support through-out.


Update now published.
Thanks for patience :+1:

The neoteric Innous Zen Mini mk3 & LPSU boxes, nestled amongst more familiar shapes and designs from the 1980’s


Nice photo. And nice system, of course.

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Very interesting and informative thread. Food of thought as I am contemplating a new system set up in my living room post-renovation.

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Do share some photos when you get there.

Innuos rippers are excellent.


Haven’t had much chance for listening recently. As this lovely weather has kept us outdoors

Anyway, made a trip into town today Saturday and came back with this…

This weekends listening - Warpaint : Radiate Like This.

Latest album :cd: just recently released.
Gonna add to the Innous too :+1:

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Just adding some thoughts to the last post above…

Image above : Warpaint - Collection of vinyl and CD’s, now on the Innous.

Been following these ladies for ever. Like what they do.

But think their latest is brilliant. Simply because it’s now got super sophisticated.

Previously it been a bit raw and energetic at times. With just the odd bright spot in their albums.

Plus their latest, today, on CD :cd: which is currently playing on the CD5XS. It will get ripped onto the Innous next.

There you go. Sorted.

Warpaint : Radiate Like This.
Album added to the others on the Zen Mini.

Finally committed to a new Chord Shawline - RCA to DIN - to go between the Innous Zen Mini mk3 and my Naim NAC72 Pre-amp. (Timing wise, also made possible with some birthday monies).

Came home from the dealer this week.
Now installed and just settling in.

[ Note : For full story, see notes above ]


Ooh, I just discovered Stella Mozgawa via a collaboration with Boom Bip - Belief LP. Warpaint are worth a listen I assume!?

Definitely, yes…
Love what she and the other girls do
Give them a go.

Maybe start with Champion.
Let me know what you think :thinking:

Been listening to “Belief” …
Yeah, liked it. It will be interesting to see where this (collaboration) project goes.

“Boya” is an interesting track. Reminded me of some of the jazz funk material that was around in the 70’s. A style that seems popular at the moment.

Also liked “Jung”. If you like Belief, then try Maribou State…

Stella’s contribution is very apparent on some tracks. Like “Luther”. Like what she does :+1:

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I started with Radiate Like This, and understand your comment about sophistication! Going to work backwards through their catalogue, ta for endorsing them :slight_smile: