Innuos Zen Mini MK 3 - Feedback Request

I discovered that with assisted ripping mode set I could control the rip better. The important thing with CD sets is to set the number of disks and then sequence each.

The Zen mini has output features that models higher up the range don’t have such as toslink and coax. The model up the range concentrate on dual and then triple LPSs. I can’t understand how that would improve uPnP as that and USB are the only outputs. Anyone understand?

To those who own the Innuos, have you compared it to other sources? I’m thinking of adding mini to my nDac.

It seams like the jack of all …

I’m just curious about sound quality compared to other sources like Naim Streamer, Auralic, Aurender, DCS NB and such.


I’ve been doing some serious ripping, and I have to say it is really good. It’s never found the wrong album and most of the time chooses the right album artwork. It’s very easy to change the cover. It even does a great job with classical box sets. The Opera set mentioned in the first post resolved itself once I understood how it does box sets.

I have been in contact with their support and found them to be extremely helpful. The models up the range which only have USB (uPnP is standard) can work with spdif by the addition of the M2Tech converter which they offered to loan me! The addition of the LPS should improve the sound quality further.

To my mind their Zen(ith) models are all the Core should have been, and the sound quality is as good as my CDX2 as a transport. The addition of the LPS should improve the sound quality further. And it runs Roon Core!


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Filipe, how silent is the Zen mini? Can it survive on the rack without disrupting listening at low levels?

It is silent it you are not ripping, and then it is not very noticeable. I haven’t noticed any problems having it on top of my CDX2 sitting on a mat.


Thanks for the detailed answer. It would be great if the SQ, on top of ease of use, is top notch on this thing.

I’m going to a local dealer next week who has an NDX2 for me to listen to. I’m going to compare internal tidal vs Zen tidal going direct into the NDX2 to see how they compare.

Finally put this question of just how much streamers impact SQ vs it all being the DAC.

I’ll keep everybody posted.

I think you might be surprised if you already have nDAC. I see it as at least a relatively inexpensive step towards streaming, and of course you need a music server (uPnP) for Naim Streamers.


I have an nDac, which I’m very happy with. I just recently took home to demo a DCS Rossini. I couldn’t discern any real difference. My wife and I did a couple sessions and saw no value in changing.

So my plan is to find a great streaming source, and based off what I’ve heard, the NDX2 is a great device, so in my eyes, if I can run zen into the NDX2 at a dealer and see if it sounds the same/similar… then the zen is a great stand alone investment.


Let us know how the Zen into NDX2 sounds. Might be worth including the LPS as well as it will make a difference.


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Innuos Statement Streamer Review by The Ear

jason kennedy uses the ndx2/ xps2 with it, with also the auralnic g2.
Would be interesting to have a review on the statement vs the melco n10…

FR, I don’t know who Jason Kennedy is. I know @BertBird and possibly @Darkebear use Melco with their ND555.

The main points I am making at the moment are that the ripping is very good and SQ over toslink into my nDAC possibly better thank my CDX2. I now have suspicions about whether my CDX2 CD transport laser needs a clean after 3 very heavy years of use. My dealer has offered to clean it. Any warnings about this.


i was talking about the ear magazine review Flip. The reviewer is Jason Kennedy. I have read this review too…( innuos statement).

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I’ve been trying the RCA output: it really is a noticeable improvement over optical toslink, which is what you would expect. Considering the CDX2 uses a Chord Clearway BNC which should be better this is quite a surprise!

I really can’t praise this little box enough. Perhaps I should let you know the 1TB retails at £899! Just the quality of the metadata lookup would justify the purchase for those who don’t want to use dBPoweramp. iPeng is a good App for managing playback.

Soon I will try Roon. After that their LPS.


Phil, are you talking about the coax digital out (which I assume is RCA) or do you mean the analogue 2 x RCA output? If you mean the latter, that would be quite a claim, with the built in DAC on a £900 device beating an NDAC or CDX2.

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Both spdif!

As recommended recently I have put my Cisco 2960 between the BT HH5 and the Zen. It cuts out some noise over the Ethernet connection. It makes a noticeable difference to the whole soundstage. Shortly I will use an AQ Forest Ethernet cable there.


Today I listened to an NDX2 with tidal and compared it to a Zenith (they didn’t have mini in store).

The Zenith was feeding the ndx2 via roon.

I honestly couldn’t hear a difference. The store owner said the Zenith sounded better, but I thought they both sounded great.

I’m going to go back with my ndac one day and feed it direct from a zen. I’ll update.

I’m between keeping my ndac and adding a zen, or trading in to and ndx2.


Johnny, Good to hear your report. The Zenith is quite pricey. To play direct into nDAC requires a USB to spdif converter. Innuos recommend the M2Tech.

Did the NDX2 have a power supply?


yes, it has a ps inside.