Innuos zen mini mk3 connection options

So I’m awaiting delivery of little zen mini and note I can connect several different ways to my system. I have Nd5xs2 with ee8 switch so is it best to connect the zen via the switch or use the Ethernet pass through to the Nd5xs2? It also has digi out so can try that into the naim or indeed analogue out straight to the SN3… so many options!

From memory I think the mini is best used with pass through connected to the nd5xs2. I.e. the mini sits between your streamer and switch. Which means it needs to physically be near to streamer. If it were mine ( and I did consider one a year ago) I’d want it away from the rack and attached to the network via cat 6, like a nas.

I’d try these two routes and see what you prefer.

The mini looks to be the most flexible of all their models. It even has a dac.
For me I would just use it as a NAS and perhaps ripper. And I already have a NAS and Asset to serve. I’ll await firmware 2.0 with intrest as when I looked last year, I struggled to see how it would integrate with my then nd5xs2 streamer. Hence why I went the nas route. Bit I’m sure there is something I have missed.

I have my mini connected with cat6 to my router which in turn is connected via cat6a directly to my NDX2 which is on the other side of the room. I’ve no switch!!
Works a treat. If I was you I’d just connect via Ethernet to your switch.

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That makes the most sense to connect as a regular device on your network. Allows you to position it anywhere.
Don’t forget that most “routers” are also a switch and an Internet access port and a modem. And a few other things too i expect!

I have Zen Mini and 272 connected to EE8 with chord Ethernet cable. Control via Naim app upnp.

I also have a chord digital cable from the Mini to the Digital input on the 272. Play via iPeng

In both cases I think I’m using the 272 dac.

Toying with the idea of the LPSU which I think will only be of benefit to the digital input to the 272 and no benefit over the network.

Really enjoy the mini. It’s perfect.

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Yep the mini is a great little thing and good value too, with the incoming V2 firmware it should be better still along with Roon like abilities.

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It’s an Ethernet connection, you can put it up to 100 metres from the streamer.

I sort of assumed that if you were going to use the pass through way of connecting that it would be a short patch lead between the mini and streamer. But I can see it doesn’t need to be though.

I think it’s easy to assume that when stuff comes in a fancy aluminium case it should be shown off on your rack. If it’s networked it might theoretically be better off some distance away.
For example, Roon recommend that the Core is networked and kept away from the endpoint, even if you’ve blown £2.5k on a Nucleus.

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