Innuos Zen Mini/Naim

Does anybody out there like me have a Innuos Zen Mini hard drive linked to their NAIM system.
If so, are you as frustrated as I am that you cannot currently use the Innuos app directly to stream/ play back your ripped CD collection without recourse to going via the server link on the NAIM app. The server link via the NAIM app is OK, but the Innuos app is so much better in the layout of artist/ album listing.
We have the use of Qobuz/Tidal/Spotify etc. It would be so nice to see Innuos included.
Is there anything going forward, or progress, towards this, does anybody know, or are aware of??

You could just plug the mini directly into your star using a coax cable, and then just use the sense app?

Check the settings in the Sense app, Settings/Integrations/UPnP/Choose Sense UPnP integration.

@Michaelb could help.

Shouldn’t be an issue at all. I see @glasnaim beat me to it.

Thanks all, but I don’t appear to have UPnP installed on my Android Samsung phone, so I guess I will just have to stick with the server link on the NAIM app.

Just thought I’d add that, as per your advices changing the settings in the Sense app to Sense UPnP integration then brings up a message under Audio settings stating the Naim streamer is now disabled??

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Have you tried switching off the Innuos, disconnect from mains, restart and make sure settings are what you want. Maybe worth a try, also maybe do the same with your Star.

Success at last.
Done a thorough search on the Innuos website/support pages and found a section “Connecting Network Streamers-Sense UPnP”. Eventually linked up the Uniti Star successfully. All now fine, the Innuous App is a pleasure to use, as have lots of ripped CD’s stored in there. Will now link up Qobuz which I subscribe to, to the Sense App as well.
Sounds great as I also have the optionaI Zenmini LPSU upgrade which really enhances the sound quality.


Is the zen mini near to the Star? If so, as I alluded to earlier, you would probably get better sound connecting via coax cable compared to going via Ethernet through the streaming section of the star. Worth a try

Yes it is next to the Star. I will give the coax connection a try, as it makes sense whst you say.
Don’t have a cable on me so will aim to get one at some point soon. Thanks

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