Inputs: some you can hide others you cannot

Can someone explain why you can hide some inputs and others you cannot? Analogue 1 can be hidden, but USB cannot. I have no USB connected so not that useful for me.

I would also like to show Tidal on the home screen (to replace the USB icon) but don’t see how to do that.


You don’t mention your device, but you can disable usb via the web client.

Thank you Robert.

I have the Naim Uniti Atom. I am not familiar with a web interface however the app I use doesn’t let me remove USB. I hope the image I loads works.

The web client for my NDX2 does not allow options to disable USB using ios. Would this be different on a PC?


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Should work in any browser:

(To disable, do the opposite of course)

You are not on the webclient page. That’s the config page. Go to http://ip_address/webclient

@Suedkiez Would you mind deleting my webclient address now?

Thanks again


@GraemeH it’s a private address so not much harm, but if you want it removed you should also remove your own screenshot which contains it. And undoubtedly is where @Suedkiez got it from.



Sure, I copied it from Graeme’s screenshot to remove any room for error. But as private addresses are not routed on the internet, it does not matter at all.

Oops! I forgot I’d done that.



Fyi no one can access your “192” internal network ip address, so hiding it doesnt matter. Nearly everyones router is


Another feature, which we are now allowed to talk about since it’s been released in the latest public app update!..

You can now rearrange the inputs on the app home screen, so that those you use are all on the first page.
Go to Settings>Sources Layout and you can drag the icons onto any order you want.
Then even if you have all inputs enabled, those pesky USB and Spotify buttons can be banished from the first page.


Still not sure why you can’t disable the USB input via the app?

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