Inputting on my 272

Can anyone explain what’s going on with my 272 please?

I spent yesterday re arranging my hi Fi cables tidying and connecting my PlayStation 3 to the TV and via HDMI and a optical cable to input 4 on my 272, my TV has always been connected to the 272 via optical input 5. Since connecting the PlayStation my TV shows no signal when using input 5, however the TV will play through PlayStation input 4, even with PlayStation switched off. I can’t figure out what’s going on here.

It must be the way it works when you use the HDMI. Can you not simply connect the TV to 5 and let the PS sound get to the 272 via the TV. In other words, just connect the TV to 5 and don’t connect the PS to the 272. That’s how we do it with our DVD player - it connects to the TV via HDMI and the TV connects to the NDX2.

Ok, makes sense, however I was hoping to play the occasional CD on the PlayStation. I am assuming when I’m playing the PlayStation I’m actually connected via optical on input 4, which has to be better that routing the sound via the TV when playing a CD.

I really don’t know whether having the TV in the chain makes any difference. There’s only one way to find out…

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