Inquiry about the preamp module of supernait 3

hello ,everybody :slight_smile:
I do like to upgrade to supernait 3 for my speaker .
But I need to be clear that the preamp module is inherited from NAC552?

thanks a lot

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The Supernait 3 has design elements taken from the dedicated Naim pre-amps (which would include the NAC552), but of course while a fair bit of the basic design and some components are shared, that doesn’t mean you are getting a NAC552 - it would cost many times more if that were the case! It is however, and excellent integrated amplifier that combines both a fine pre-amp and power amp in one box.


Lots of Naim gear overlaps (especially in the Uniti range) but I would be surprised if there is that many cross-over parts

Got it, that;s reasonable and comprehensible .

anyway ,is it worth the money to take hi-cap dr as a add-on to improve the current output capability for low ohm speakers like bw 804D4 or focal diablo evo?

It’s worth adding a HICAP to improve the pre-amp stage and also free up the need for the power amp to power the pre-amp. As to whether it would improve current for low impedance speakers, I’m not so sure.

For all that, those are pretty hefty speakers to be putting on the end of a £4k integrated amp - especially the Focal Diablo Evo, which is 3 times the Supernait’s cost! But then if you have a top quality source it may be OK. What is the source, btw?

I’m planning to use dcs rossini via tidal,

btw , I’ve owned Dynaudio C1 Platium Edition many years ago, now it’s time to play these hard surface tweeter instead of silk way…

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That’s not the purpose of a Hicap.

Frankly, I think you need to look pre/power if you want to stay with Naim. Those B&W 'speakers were around £14k. Driving them with a SN is under amping them, from many consideration., imo. Power is merely one aspect, there are very many others.

Put the money you were thinking of spending on a HC with what you’d get for the SN and see where that takes you.

Maverick- im running wilson tunetots, have a hicap dr, and ndx2 w xps. The tunetots punch above the sn3 and have 84db into 8 ohms but i have to say its a pretty sweet system. I had a 272 w 250 with 705s and i prefer this setup although its pretty close. If i had lager speakers id probably go for the 250 222 now or used 300 252 ndx2. But im not because well, im not unhappy. Its that good. I do think that you might get better results with source then amp then speaker prioritization. You could get 805s w a sub and spend more on source and amp.

A perfect example of marketing blurp and confusion.


thank a lot, I will put it into consideration

your concern and suggestion is perfectly right.

15 years ago, In my experience that supernait is ideal for herbeth or rogers and I once owned cd5i/nait5i/a5 cable.

I should find a local dealer to try it combination and listen to it.

thanks a lot and have a nice weekend

@Dfreshness Are you connecting the Atom HE to the SN3 or is it for a separate system? If you are connecting to the SN3, how are you doing that? What will happen if you add more sources?