Install phono boards on Naim 52 preamp

I just purchased a Naim 52 preamp. I want to install a pair of phono boards in it. BUT,

  1. I am not sure what boards will work in this unit (MM number. and MC number)
  2. WHERE THE PHONO BOARDS GO? I opened up the unit and just cannot see the location. I have done this before on my Naim 72. BUT in the 52 manual there is no picture of where the phono boards are located. ALSO no specific instructions on how to install them.
    Your help is Deeply Appreciated. Richardart

You’ll need NA5xx boards. More info can be read in the forum FAQ here;

The boards go nearest the BNC sockets, top and bottom of the sandwich main boards. You’ll see a special cutout in the chassis to fit the bottom board. Make sure the boards clip all the way home with the little plastic retainer.

This picture courtesy of member Kuma shows you where the phono daughter boards fit (here NA526 link boards are fitted) - this is the top board, the bottom board is hidden under the sandwich main boards;

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