Installin Naim App on Windows

I have the app installed on my Android phone but I want to install it on my wife’s Acer PC.

When I download from Google Play, it gives me the option of installing it on one of two Samsun g devices. It doesn’t give the Acer as an option.

Any advice please?


It only works on Android/iOS. It can also run on any Mac Laptop or Desktop that uses the M1 chip.


Windows 11 will be getting support to run Android Apps in a future update, so it may be possible once this happens. Then again an old PC may not be able to run Windows 11. If you need to update the laptop I would suggest the M1 MacBook Air. The battery last ages, runs cool and is well built; a joy to use. I also have a Surface Pro 8 and it just can’t compete with the M1 MacBook Air.

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I didn’t know that. Thanks. Fortunately the OP has an NDX2.

There is also of course the option of running BubbleUPnP server on your network and using the Linn Kazoo Windows app.

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I’ve messaged you.

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I removed as Naim’s R&D would rather the web client wasn’t used as it’s limited and unsupported.

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The Naim app is for iOS and Android only. If you really want to run it on a PC you might try using an Android emulator.

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Thanks all.

I think I’ll resurrect an Android phone for my wife for the NDX / Naim App.

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