Installing 52

I have just taken ownership of 52 pre-amp, but with current restrictions its down to me to install . I am no genius on this department and there will be bumps on the road on the way. I am wondering is it a case of burndy 52 into Supercap digital cable and w Snaics for 135’s,also wondering withthe Burndy does the end marked with a red collar go to 52? I will be grateful for any advise or assistance. Thanks

Yes, all marked ends to the source/signal i.e. the 52. Also try to run the 52 Snaic as close to the burndy as possible. It is often recommended to have it touch in just one place. 135 din/xlr’s to 135’s. They could be ‘handed’ so if you get no sound switch them on the 135’s. I’d try to put as much distance as possible for the supercap to the 52.

Hope that helps?

Thanks Geiko

Try here for connection advice.

If i remember correctly the din-xlr cables are specific to each of the nap 135 channels. I forget which one goes to right and which to the left. I’m trying to find Richard’s post where he mentions this.

Happy new to you 52. It is an amazing amp.

The Burndy and 5-5 din cables both have the marker collars at the 52 end. The din-xlr cables are handed. Green one is channel one (L) and obviously you connect the left speaker cables to the same amp. Red one is channel two (R)…

Keep the Burndy off the floor, just hanging in free space if possible for best results.

Have fun.


I’m pretty sure that the din-xlr Supercap does not make a difference which input on supercap.
Need to make sure the red goes to right amp and green to left.

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Thanks for all your assistance, one last headache is that I cannot get the Burndy to cooperate at the Supercap end I had no problem connecting ro preamp

Check the Burndy plug to see whether there are any damaged pins. You may want to try giving the plug a test fit a few times with the Supercap rear facing you on a table. Note the locating pin and outer lug on the plug.

Thanks Richard

Folks, I am still struggling linking 52 to Supercap, would anybody have pictures or links to youtube video on the subject. I have just remove 82 and 2 hicap’s and wondering should I use the cables from the Hicaps to the 135’s with the Supercap to the 135’s. Also is there a knack to linking the Digital Cable adjacent to the Burndy, Sorry about this, I’ll never be applying for a job in Salisbury, thanks for your patience and understanding.

Are you still having issues connecting the Burndy at the NAC52 end? If so, I’m wondering whether you have the correct Burndy cable. Do you have a picture? Is the band marked NA-52?

Yes, the Din-XLRs go with the NAP135s. They connect to the Supercap signal in/out DIN4s, just like the HICAP.

The SNAIC 5 should run alongside and closely parallel to the Burndy. Try not to have it touching, but if that’s not possible then one loop over is OK, if not ideal. Be sure the band is at the correct (NAC52) end, same as the Burndy cable.

Sorry Richard, I have managed to install the Burndy Cable after your advise, the digital cable is proving more problematic and I am aware that the cable though quite stiff and solid in construction needs to be handled with tlc, any other cables that I have other than the digital and the 2 Din-XLRs are possibly not required for the operation. Does it matter which 135 the DIN-XLR goes into (Stupid question probably).

The DIN-XLR cables are handed - Green band for Left (CH1). Red band for Right (CH2).

You need to follow Richard’s advice below, but then plug the speaker cabel from the correct speaker into each!

…making sure also to get the speakers in phase.

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I think I will be sorted as I have figured out the links to the 135’s but I still cannot connect the digital cable, also wondering what its role is? Thanks again for all your valuable advise, I’m sure it will be an improvement over my 82 2 hi-caps that it will replace.

I know this is back to basics, but do you have the correct din-din cable? There are two basic versions: 5-5 240°, and 5-5 180°. You need the 240° cable between s/cap and 52. Apologies if you already have this covered.

It’s a SNAIC5 that is required here. Its function in this application is to provide power for the logic and switching circuits.

This may help you:


Can you include images please regarding the cables you reference. Thanks Fredd