Integrated Naim amplifier census

It would be nice to do a census of the integrated amplifiers so as to see at the moment which is the favorite in the hifi home chains …

I start with Nait5si …(1)

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NAIT (x 2)


Given the immediate answers I see that we are and we have a very active forum

Is that one red and one green LED?

I’ve only the one, a SN2 that I got in April. Absolutely love it. I’ve had/have various integrated with streamers (UQ2, Uniti2 and Nova) and the SN2 is well above those in every regard, though they are all good of course!

SN2 (1)

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Richard, do we make a grid so that we each click on his possessed?

XS 2 (1)

5si (2)

Looks like you need some more…

@anon35986639, would you like to include Unitis as well (streamer/integrated amp)?

No. Only the integrated classic …

IIRC, both have a red LED but one is very early and the other later with the revised volume knob.

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Andrea, it’s up to you however you would like to collate the information.

Not sure if this is limited to Naim? [edit well it has become limited now]
I still appreciate and use my NAD3020B


I still have my original A60, just can’t bring myself to send it away.


Naim Nait 5i-2 I still have
Naim SN2 …i use almost daily

Don’t know if the above are classics or not but they do make some good music


SN1, nait5

Supernait is the main amp
Nait-2 (olive) fed off the Supernait buffered tape out

I can’t set the tread at the poll level … Or preferences

Click the wheel at top of the menu panel and select “build poll”.

I liked with the percentages or progress bar