Integrating ND5 XS2 to 2 systems

I just set up my new ND5 XS2 into my den system consisting of Supernait 3/highcap with Sopra n1’s. In the bottom cabinet I have my NAD 980 8channel amp and 580 4 zone streamer. They run in ceiling speakers through out my house and patio. Before the ND5 I had BS node which matched up with the NAD gear so I could play all zones including the den together. My question is if I could use the analog out into the NAD 580 streamer. The Nad has analog in which feds all 4 zones. I hooked the ND5 to the SN3 via din. Are both din and rca outs out at the same time? Would cause any sound issues or worse yet damage?

Go to Output Settings in the Naim app and you can enable DIN, RCA, or both.
I suspect you will find that having both inputs enabled degrades sound quality a bit. Even just having two cables connected at the same time may cause some degradation, but there’s no harm in trying, and you may find that any negative effects on the sound is not noticeable.

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Thanks, found the correct setting in the app. What I have figure out is if I can still control volumes individually through the blue sound app.

Would connecting the NAD to the SN3 AV in/out also work?

Good I thought, I will look into that. It would be cleaner.

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That would also allow you to multiroom any source selected on your SN3, I think! Which might not be what you always want, unless you can quickly and easily mute/disable the multiroom output from the NADs