Interconnect between Naim source and amplifier

I just found out the exact price of a new Super Lumina interconnect. Ouch! It’s more than I thought. It’s about half the price of an XPS DR, and may not be that big of an improvement over my already very good interconnect.
I think I am saving up for an XPS DR for my NDX 2… :smiley:


…and when you add the XPS DR to the NDX 2 you will be very happy!


Yes, XPSDR is a game changer for a NDX2.


HiLine for the win. Add some Powerlines for more Naim sound. I got a hum with Super Lumina and either stuck with the HiLine or stepped up to the Chord Music between the CD555 and 552. HiLine is the best return on your investment at this stage.

Built my own. Multiple silver cores in teflon tubes. Been using them for about 12 years now.

Chord Sarum T connects my cds2 to 52
Excellent upgrade but pricy. Better than hiline.
Wish I had one to replace my NAT 01 to 52 connection (using standard lavender).
It adds a lot of info over the lavender. Need to make sure u have a good source otherwise u may end up exposing a less than ideal source.

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