Interconnect between Naim source and amplifier

As the title says, I am curious about what people are using as the interconnect between their Naim source and Naim amp.
Is DIN really better than RCA?
I currently use a Yter RCA interconnect and looking to upgrade. Among the RCA ICs I am considering are:
Nordost TYR2
Shunyata Sigma
Audioquest Fire
Tellurium Q Silver Diamond
Tellurium Q Statement.

The Din cables I am considering are:
Naim Super Lumina
AR Sound Lunar Equilateral.

My setup is ND5 XS2 to SN2. Any thoughts or experience with any of the above or other cables?

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I’ve always used DIN cables when connecting to Naim boxes that can use them. I did try a demo SL with my NDX2 and 282, and it did nothing for me, so I didn’t buy one. Others will no doubt have different views on this.
In the context of your system, rather than spending that sort of money on cables, I would put it towards a box upgrade, maybe trading the streamer for an NDX2 or adding a DAC uprgade, rather than buying cables that were developed to work with Statement amps.


@ChrisSU speaks sense here, all those cables are complete overkill for what is, by Naim standards, a relatively modest system. Far better to spend that sort of cash on a source upgrade.


I agree all the above:
You have Naim at both ends of any IC, therefore DIN-DIN is the only consideration.
It is a modest Naim so spending money on IC is best kept at the same level, i.e. what an SL can do on ND555 to 552 will not happen on ND5 to SN, so as others suggest, better spending that kind of money on source

I would look at Naim HiLine, one of the AR Sounds & Chord, I’ve tried most all that available a few years ago & ended up experimenting & building my own. Not considered IC hunting since

With NDX2 >> SN2 and NDX2 >> SN3 I tried Audioquest Water (RCA to RCA) and Chord Signature (DIN to DIN); the Chord Signature convinced me more, but not as much as the price difference evidences.

I currently use Audioquest Water (RCA to RCA) in NDX2 >> Musical Fidelity NuVista 600 (no DIN output), with a great result. AQ Water is a fantastic cable, although DIN-DIN is not available.

As they have commented, with good sense, none of the cables you raise can be optimized with your modest system. I am currently considering TQ Silver Diamond for upgrading the current Chord Epic Reference speakers (ProAc K6) cable; it’s a cable that seems it should fit well into my system and, if I finally take the step, I’ll comment on the result for the knowledge of the forum.

I tried some of the Tellurium range , not statement though, true signal audio, super lumina…none if them did much for me. I now have witch hat Morgana on order, fingers crossed they work for me. I tend to agree with Chris, that £2k for a SL interconnect would be better spent on other upgrades. I have a 500 series system and my cloth ears could not really hear the SL and other IC benefits, though others have?


What are the other cables your using - power and speaker cables ?
I have read a few times of reviewers putting in a full loom many x more than the cost of a simple set up. In just a single box source and a single box amp.
If one has a disposition to keep it simple, I like the idea of turning everything on its head and maximising cables.

Power cables are Naim powerlines. Speaker cables are Tellurium Q Ultra Black.

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And the speakers…?

In that case, I would start by thinking about good shielded power cables, of which there are some very good and not expensive, like Chord C-power; I would also check the strip thinking in a good power block, with or without filtering depending on the quality and stability of the electrical grid (but I would not leave Shunyata Research or IsoTek in the case of opting for filtering). Finally, I would continue by testing the interconnection of TQ’s Ultra Black series.

But, well, it’s just an opinion, just like you’ve requested.

I agree, I love the Highline… it really works well with my 552.
The regular grey DIN lead is good too, but I only use it now for my NAT03 Tuner . Everything else is Highline… DIN to DIN for my CDX2 , and Phono to DIN for my Hugo

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Hi Daniel, I would check out Morgana interconnects from Witch Hat audio. They are much cheaper than the ones you have considered. I replaced both the standard Naim cables between my 282,HiCap DR and 250DR and it was a revelation. The best thing is they give you a 30 return option, so really nothing to lose. I’m not sure if their sale is still on.
I am currently trying out a Morgana cable between my CD and 282, which replaces a Nordost Red Dawn one. I’ve only been listening to it for a couple of days, but so far I prefer the sound.
While some people do rate the Super Lumina, quite a number of posts on the forum have also commented that they were disappointed with them despite their high cost. Maybe this is because those cables were designed with the Statement amps in mind, so need that level of amp to really sing.
Best wishes Amer

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You guys have got me thinking! I am now looking at trading in my ND5 XS2 for an NDX 2.


My NDX 2 should be here Thursday. Oh you guys! :grinning:


Then get a hiline :slightly_smiling_face:


I used a HiLine for years between CDS3 & 252 and loved it but now between NDX2/XPSDR & 282 not so much.

The TQB din-din works a treat the latter however.


I am reviving this thread, as I have upgraded my ND5 XS2 to an NDX 2. I will not be buying an XPS DR. It is out of my price range for now.
I am especially curious about the Naim Super Lumina DIN interconnect. Has anyone tried it or use it with a Classic level system, or any level system?
How does it compare to the standard lavender and Hiline?

I’ve used all the cables you mention. I have to say that I still have the upmost respect for Naim Lavender. It’s still the ‘cheap’ cable to beat.

The Hiline adds more bass definition and opens up the frequency extremes a bit more than Lavender. It’s both beefier and more delicate in sound.

Then there’s Super Lumina. Beware this takes a longwhile to burn in, so simple A/B dems become very difficult. Even shop dem samples still take time to come on song. However, when you get SL working well it will take you much closer to that elusive ‘live’ sound. For me it’s been the last piece of the puzzle in my system. Vocals are staggeringly good. Instruments have timbre and tone just like the real thing. Guitar rifts will leap out of the speakers like the artist has just stepped forward. Very complex music is easily unraveled.

If I have a criticism of SL it’s the attention you have to pay dressing the cable. Making sure there’s no tension on the Din plugs, the cable must hang lose and not touch anything else but if you can come to terms with this then it’s one hell of a cable.

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Hello Daniel! Congrats on your NDX2, it is a great streamer! I have an NDX2 with a Supernait3 in my office, both bare and with the intention to keep them like that for simplicity, but also as they really do sound great together.
I had them connected with a very good IC, however then decided to go for a SL DIN to maximize the system quality - and I was unexpectedly pleased with the uplift - more transparency, drive and grip. I feel an SL DIN is a worthwhile upgrade, cost notwithstanding.
All the best, GN

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I use a S/L interconnect from a NDX2 to a SN2, with XPS DR and HiCAP. I’d echo the above two posts, it really is quite remarkable how much it refines and resolves details, expands the soundstage wider and forward and solidifies the whole cohesion of the music. If I was choosing between the XPS DR and S/L though, I’d do the power supply first as it really cleans up the source and lowers the noise floor.


I used a HiLine on my NDX and then NDX2 into Supernait2. Fantastic upgrade but I now use the SL and is in a different league in all honesty! SL on ND5XS2 maybe a bit over top tho.