Interconnect between Supercaps in active system

My system comprises:
2 x CB250

I’ve got a question about the interconnect I can use between the supercap feeding my 52 and the supercap feeding my SNAXO242.

At the moment I’m using a grey SNAIC to pass audio between the two Supercaps but I believe only three of the connections are used (earth, L, R). I don’t believe that HiLine is made in the necessary 4-4 configuration.

SuperLumina seems to be available in 4-4 but I’m wincing at the price… what would my options be from Naim? Would a 4-4 ‘Active’ cable be second best?

I only ask because I think the HiLine that replaced the 5-5 Interconnect between my nDAC and 52 has made the system a little more enjoyable and I wonder if there is also a gain to be had on this link in the chain.

From the SNAXO242 I’m using the default Naim cables to the 250s.

Thanks for your thoughts… !

The grey Snaic is really old. I’d suggest you swap it for a new black Snaic 4-4.

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You need a black SNAIC4 - it’s a very worthwhile upgrade over the earlier grey one.

Hmmmmmmmmm. No power supply in SC-SC or DIN-XLR cables!

Definitely change to the later black Snaic at least. A very cost effective upgrade.

I did the switch to the the SL one and I have to be honest it is probably the most cost effective upgrade I have ever made. Better than a new box!

Certainly get the best you can afford there.


Was that the 4-4 Active lead @BruceW ?

Sorry SW, A non-Naim SNAIC is a non-Naim SNAIC, and not to be discussed let alone recommended on here.

I’ll settle for a T-shirt on Friday :laughing:

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I found it gave a better uplift than swapping from Hi Line to SL interconnect on my NDS source for instance. Putting your best PS on the crossover also makes a lot of difference suggesting that this part of an active system is maybe a bit if a ‘choke’ point?


Interesting. Thanks. It’s about the cheapest Superlumina interconnect but even so a substantial investment. My local dealer isn’t a fan of SL so looks like I’ll need to head further afield again to see if I can borrow one to test that out.

Definitely try to borrow. I was a bit of a sceptic but it really worked in my system and I have seen others say the same.


Thank you all. Plenty of food for thought!

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