Interconnect for Classic Pre to NC250

Good day gents,

I’m contemplating demoing a NC250 at home, connecting it to my 272, however the Oz dealer cannot supply an interconnect nor can they order one.

If I’m to order one from my local custom cable guy, am I better going with DIN-2XLR or 2RCA-2XLR? Any diagram would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

I use 2x 4 pin DIN to XLR from HiCap to the NC250.

Chord Shawline; L and R handed…

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The 272 has a pair of Din outputs, so surely what you want is these? From the FAQ:

However, as it seems you have the 40% discount offer, would it make sense to go for a 222 and save the cost of the leads?


Can you change your dealer…? This one seems to be broken… :thinking:

(given the amount being spent, the dealers response is p-poor… IMO.)

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Thanks HH. Unfortunately, I live on the wrong island, Naim is being dumped from the dealers down here. Regarding the 222, I don’t like its sound signature. Went for a NDX2 instead and I’ll give the NC250 a go. When funds allow, I’ll try swapping the 272 for a 332.

I’ll MacGyver a pair of DIN to XLR cables for now and as soon as possible order the Naim leads from the right island.

Any diagram on how to wire the pins?

The pin connections for the DIN are shown in the little diagram on the back of your 272.
The pin connections on the XLR will be the standard balanced connection arrangement now used on New Classics, which is not the same as that used by Naim on the Classic and earlier 250. Naim no longer bother with the pin diagrams.

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I don’t believe the pin connections are shown on a 272, but will be the same as a Hicap.

The connections on the 250 are like this:

You need to ensure that the cables are correctly made for unbalanced din to balanced XLR, and to ensure that one is wired for left and one for right. Quite how that’s done is not something I know, but an expert surely will.

Once you have your diy cables, do consider if it’s worth buying the legacy to NC cables. They cost a lot and if you are getting a 332 you won’t need them and will doubtless lose a lot on selling. The XLR cables come with the 250.

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They are, but as you say it’s the same as on a Hicap

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Ah, there they are!

If there are only two connections when wiring a mono lead, do you know what happens at the balanced XLR plug, which needs three wires?

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I was wondering whether I’m better off getting 2x XLR female to RCA male adapters to use with the complementary XLR cables the NC250 comes with. Once I get the 332, I just lose the adapters.

That had crossed my mind too. It’s it much cheaper. And with RCA, there are no issues making sure you get the channels wired correctly. I think that’s what I’d do. This one is female to female, so you could just connect any old RCA phono cable.

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I’m not sure I’d want to take chances here, especially given Naim’s history of unconventional wiring arrangements.

In balanced XLR cables the ground and negative may be joined, and this could be at either the XLR or the RCA end. I’m no expert, and to be confident of getting it right I’d want someone who knows their stuff, and knows what Naim have done, to make up the right cable.

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Designacable makes a pair of 4pin Din to XLR you can order online.

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I connected my 272 to the NC 250 with 2 XL to 2 RCA from Cardas Audio. The sound signature of the NC is free and clear, but does not have the magic of the old classic. I also had the Naim interconect from 2 XL to DIN from Naim, they were new and not recorded, but have increased the heights. You went back to the dealer after 2 weeks. Has anyone had similar experiences here?

With the admittedly somewhat expensive Cardas Audio, the 250 NC has more bodies.

If necessary, the heights are also due to my Heritage Special, but that is a different topic.

I hope my impressions help.

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I wonder if you’re getting the full benefit of the 250 with those cables.

Yes - usually I have had almost exclusively bad experience with cables from other manufacturers. Naim check their products with their cables. The power supply cables in Germany are exactly the same with the new NC as with all predecessors. And in particular, the DIN connection is always the better one. But here in this case, the AB comparison was clear in my setting.

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I’m referring to the XL to RCA, I wonder if something is getting lost there.

In case of doubt, you are always well advised with a symmetrical connection. On the other hand, this type of cable is usually more expensive than the unbalanced variant. As long as only short distances have to be covered in the recording studio or on stage with the cables, the technical lead should not bring a decisive advantage. But if you have to travel long distances, then symmetrical cables play out their strengths.

My Cardas Audio clear Reflection is only 0.50 meters long - the 272 directly above the NC 250.

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