Hi, few days before I got a new 555PS DR for my NDX2. After month of discussions with myself I decided to do, and it was the right decision! If it is worth to invest 9k is another question…
Now i`m thinking about optimizing the interconnects.
I ´m using a HiLine between NDX2 and the 282 ( supported by 2x HiCap DR), between 282 t HiCap and Hicap to 250Dr I´m using the standard-cables from Naim.
Which investment in cables would make sense? If yes, which company? Naim Super Lumina ( expensive), Chord or another vendor?
For me (no technical background) it make sense to upgrade the cable between 282 and Hicap at first, then Hicap to 250 DR and then Speakercables ( SuperLumina are to expensive for me ).
My speakers are Vienna Accoustic Strauss, they sounds much better with the 555PS.
I´m curios about your recommendations and your experiences!
Kind Regards
PS: Music makes also happy with less financial investment: In my sleeping-room I´using a Naim Nait 1 ( with red light), Linn Basik and Beochord 2400 from 1968 ( all a little bit refurbished).
Sound and feeling is great!

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Super Lumina is undoubtedly expensive but rarely seems to disappoint, particularly in full loom configurations.


Discussion of third party cables to replace the Snaics between the Hicaps and 282 is not permitted under Forum rules.

The standard interconnect between the Hicap and 250 is very good. The SuperLumina is better but I’d only recommend it as part of a full loom of SL, so interconnect, din- XLR and speaker cables.

I’m assuming you already have good system supports and dedicated mains; if not then that’s where to look. And if you want to spend money, swapping the two Hicaps for a Supercap is worth considering.


Im going to have a different view to @HungryHalibut on this one. My set up is similar to yours; my power amp the main difference. In my experience the WH Morgana was a great loom and resonable vfm, but they are no more. So I’d look at Chord cables, each one about the £500 mark.
2 HCs to a supercap may lead to a 252. Which may or may not suit. I love my 282 and HCs. My dealer would only suggest listening to a 552 if i wanted to change.
I went from an xpsdr to 555dr psu. Made a big difference, whilst a friend of mine prefers the xpsdr powering her ndx2. As always many opinions, but it’s your ears that have to decide.

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Which power cables and power distributor do you have? They tend to make a big difference. I’d say bigger than interconnects. The Hiline is very good and difficult to better. Which speaker cables do you have?

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Not my experience. The HL interconnect underwhelmed me as an upgrade over standard, I thought the SL was excellent. Not sure if Lucifer has tried one? I have added Powerlines with modest effect. As for conditioners the OP might like to search but the value of these in a typical Naim system, especially in the UK, is often debated.

As ever; your system, your ears. Home demo the key.


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Yes it is of course system dependent and I haven’t tried the SL. The Naim power lines have given me a modest uplift the same experience as you and sometimes it has been the other way around. Especially when using them with other brands of electronics. I am still trying to reach the sound I am after but I guess it might be a life long quest😅.

Given the ops system I would focus on a good power filter such as the Puritan 156 and their ground box. Then I’d experiment with power cables. Unfortunately this becomes quite expensive really fast. So I’d aim for the best cable on the source or from wall to power block to start with and then build on it from there.

Then of course it’s the Ethernet cable too and possibly a switch. I am evaluating a Neotech Neet 1008 and comparing it to a Catsnake. It makes a noticeable bifference so worth considering also. It never ends, as is often said on this forum.

And op asked about which brands to try and as some of you know I have been smitten with Neotech UP-OCC cables. They perform very well in my system, my ears and so on.

I have Morgana everywhere because they were a bit better than Naim standard and Hi-line.

Paying an electrician to run a dedicated power supply from meter to un-switched sockets cost less and had a bigger impact, though the impact of that will presumably vary from house to house.

If I wanted to try different cables, I would certainly try Chord, but only if I could return them if they were not clearly better to (not just slightly different from) what I have.

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Chord will let you borrow cables to try. I did it via my dealer returned the cables to them in Hampshire.

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Hi, I have a Powerline to the powerblock, the benefit was very fine compared to the standard one. I think it could be helpful to support the 2 Hicaps also with a Powerline?

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There are lots of threads on this.

Many of us rate a single socket and a star-earthed supply like the Hydra from Grahams as a particularly good way to power Naim boxes ((just don’t also use it to power an LP12).

Others prefer separate Powerlines on everything, with or without an impressive distribution block/strip of some sort.

Yes if you like what the powerline does you should get more of them. And, as I said, I would focus on the power cords first.

I changed interconnects. I moved from Chord Shawline to EpicX from my SN3 to my Naim 5Si CDP. I also moved to EpicX for my NDX2. Big improvement for both situations.

I have a rather similar set up. Assuming all is on a decent system stand and well placed,
I’d optimise the following - I consider those to be the best return-on-money-spent :slight_smile:
NDX > 282 interconnect (SuperLumina or Chord are good)
Power supply cables > PowerLines work best in my experience

All other tweaks will be just those - minor tweaks - in my experience.


Out of pure ignorance & curiousity and not hopefully derailing the thread, why is the Hydra a bad match with the Linn?

Is it the sharing aspect, in some way?

Hi Adam, in the moment i`m using a HiLine between NDX2 and 282. Do you think a change to SuperLumina would be a significant improvement?

It’s a good question, though it is drifting from this thread’s topic toward things covered better elsewhere.

A Hydra seems to out-perform hugely in VFM terms with Naim boxes, in part because it is star-earthed, and having a common earth on the Naim boxes seems to help quite a lot. In fact it is important enough that some who want Powerlines everywhere have opted for the not-cheap PowerIgel Plus to get Powerlines and star-earthing.

Some may power an LP12 power supply and all the Naim boxes from one Hydra. However, we tried it and it was noisy (hum and background hash killing musical detail) and leaden. As far as I can tell, getting power for the TTPS as far removed (electronically) from the pre-amp and phono-stage as possible is a very good idea.

Otoh, if anyone uses a Hydra leg for an LP12 and finds it sounds great in their house and system, I am pleased for them.


Thanks Nick. Appreciated.

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My experience for what it’s worth. I have tried different interconnects on my system but I’ve always come back to Naim. Speaker cable a little different, I think this is speaker dependent, have tried Naim but have found Chord Odyssey better with my Kudos speakers.

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It’s also worth mentioning that Naim cables benefit more than most from careful cable dressing. Those who do that with care may well get less benefit from (for example) WH cables than we found.