'Intereference' on Radio Paradise through PC

I listen to RP while I’m working it plays through my PC / USB to a 2Qute DAC and into 72/140/nSats. I’m getting a very persistent clicking every second or so. It was fine but now I get this pretty frequently. I’ve tried listening to BBC radio through Sounds and that doesn’t display the same issue.

I’d originally drafted this message this morning, but it stopped before I hit send. PR has been fine for most of the day, but it’s back again.

Any thoughts?

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Is it like a ‘Pop’ or more like a click as you say…?

It may not be the same issue, but past couple of days I’ve noticed something a bit similar…I was going to start a thread as I wondered if it was something to do with multi-room streaming of the lossless FLAC RP stream…I was streaming to a Mu-so Gen2 (which can handle the HD stream) and then multi-room syncing to a Mu-so Gen1 (which by itself cannot receive the same stream) ……The both seem to play fine, but a few times now when I’ve been near the Gen1 Mu-so I’ve heard it ‘Pop’ a few times, almost a bit like a Vinyl pop in the background….? I wouldn’t say its regular and ‘every second or so’ though….Never heard it do it before and almost certain never when streaming direct with the lower res streams….
I just wondered if there is in fact an issue when sending the HD stream to the older Mu-so, even though it seems to ‘work’ ……?


Sounds more like a click - like a scratch on a record. It’s doing it at the moment as soon as I started the stream. I’ll see if it improves with time.
EDIT: Seems to have settled down pretty quickly!

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