Interested in Bass extension without sub

I’m interested in what low frequency response you get from your speakers .Without cheating with subwoofers .I think my graph is limited by the microphone in my tablet .

Who are they cheating? Essential for decent bass with small speakers, they perhaps bring greater flexibility of placement, though combined with complexity of setup for best performance. I’ve never had for music, but I wouldn’t rule out on principle, whether the PMC XBDs that complement my MB2s, or Wilson Benesch Toruses with smaller speakers in a smaller room.

I’m not sure many have the right mic, or software or time to do what you’re asking.

I’m cheating with pride as a user of Rel subs with my main system!



Touchy touchy , simply meant without the “aid” of a subwoofer …

Nothing touchy - but it is better to use words that say what you mean, not that mean something else!

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This was the mockup in cheaper materials.

But why are subwoofers cheating? If the end result is good, who cares how you got there?

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Believe me I have nothing against subs ,in fact I love them .:slightly_smiling_face:


lol I do. Can’t stand the things. :grin:That would make me anything but a bass head. Although I have heard larger speakers with larger drivers and much preferred the sound of the bass than subwoofer bass output.

Having said that I think I’d suffer a less than perfect result here as from the rectifier tube I’ve chosen in my DAC and phono pre to the speaker stands and many things in between, I’ve sacrificed overall bass output for speed and articulation.

So my point is every audiophile has a different preference of bass.

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Wow what speakers do you have? are those B139 bass drive units?

The hint is in his profile name.

The Linn Keltiks were an awesome speaker. Far better than DBLs in my opinion.

I did injure myself getting one up the shop stairs though. Spiked my leg. They are very heavy. You know that feeling when lifting something and you realise it’s too much for you after it’s too late and you’re past the point of no return.


I do use 2 18" Subs and three 12" subs, a summary of how they work after limited PEQ, but a lot of phase adjustment to align properly. I then take the green line and add what I need from this for each channel so no requirement to DSP the mains just add what they miss. I’m good to around 8 Hz

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The nSub was purchased to augment the Ovator S600 and AV duties. I only use it with AV now.
My Keltiks have 4 of the Falcon B139 drivers.

I’m surprised people sit measuring this.

I have two KC-62 subs that go down to an insane 11Hz but they are on the home cinema augmenting the main speakers and also accepting the LFE. I don’t use them on the hifi and I don’t know what their real world extension is actually in my room.

I’m happy to not use subs on the main system and keep my life simple. But I can tell you that the same PMC speakers in their last room had incredible bass response but in the new room are somewhat insufficient - but so are my financials so I have decided to be happy with what they deliver.

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Interestingly!! The same music played through Tidal on the NDX1 spdif into ADSM/3 could not nudge the same extension as Qobuz played on the ADSM/3, not comparing level just extension .

I’m using DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core connected to tape monitor so I can exclude or include whatever I want. First you measure the room accoustics, then I use the bass tilt to increase the bass level. You can choose how much and from which frequency. In the end I have it always switched on, I like the sound better.

Sorry was not familiar with name…