Interesting finding with NACA5

Good luck! Sounds like fun and will look forward to reading your feedback on the sound differences between the 272 vs the NDX 2/NAC 252 combination.

Well full disclosure posting after a couple of glasses Laithwaites finest vino😂.

Easier to compare against 282, 252 more refined vs 282 brighter in your face, neutral vs exuberant, perhaps the 282 imposes too much of its charactor on the music? So Naim catering for all tastes!

Listening conducted via qobuz, mostly jazz standards Charles Mingus, John Coltrane etc a revelation on the 252, dynamics presence realism. New Mozart Piano release on qobuz was a delight delicate atmospheric.

I don’t think there’s a wrong or right it’s personal preference (sorry a bit of a cop out) at the end of the day I preferred the 252’s presentation/character of course ymmv.

Re 272 this is much more difficult, with additional power supply it compares extremely well to the big boys esp given its cost, it was was and still is a wild card and punches above its weight. The ndx2 scores well with streaming functionality, however a big but for me though the 282/252 misses out on the 272 volume control and the remote is not as good, so they score minus on usability.

There is of course a big difference of costs here and I haven’t decided yet!

This is just my opinion and I don’t think I’m saying anything new just reporting my views, I am not what you would call an experienced listener and have limited knowledge of Naim products, but I know what I like.

Best Terry
And thanks to the team at audio T for the opportunity to dem.

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