Interface third party API to control Naim Uniti 2

Hi, I have a discontinued Naim Uniti 2 and discovered that the Naim Android App can be used to remote control the device. For example switching between inputs and changing the volume.

Is there an API (official or unoffical) including documentation to control the device from a third party application? For example using a Python application to replace the Naim Uniti App? This would allow us to integrate our Naim devices more easily in smart home scenes.

With Wireshark it looks like there is a tcp socket communication between the Naim App and the Naim Uniti 2 going on.

Any hints to official documentation or open source projects would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

The Naim app is not open source! Having said that, somebody once released a basic desktop app called QuteControl which provided the essentials. Maybe they managed to hack a Naim streamer.

The Naim app isn’t, but that doesn’t preclude in itself an open source implementation of its protocol. Same as Windows isn’t open source and yet there is Samba as an open source SMB implementation

There is no official public documentation.

I wrote / published an Android remote control app before the official one existed… even compiles for the desktop, albeit with a clunky user interface. Naim are likely to be ‘nervous’ of any discussion here, as posting about my android app led to all my future posts getting moderated on the old forum. I think they were worried I was trying to sell it, rather than sharing a hobby project I hoped was useful.

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I asked about the API to Naim way back in 2013. The response was basically “not on your life”.

That said, while it’s not impossible to reverse engineer at all, there is little to be gained. You’d have to also write a DLNA endpoint to view a local music library and while that part is open, it’s a lot of work.

A micro PC running Windows 11 will run the Android app… as will an spare iPhone or Android device. Seems a lot easier. Honestly, unlike a very vocal minority, I don’t have issues with the current app at all. I’ve got 2 old platform Naim streamers and 2 second gen Muso Qbs. It’s consistent on both. Always finds the rooms and on 5Ghz wifi doesn’t have much lag either.

The OP mentioned integration with smart home, so perhaps more intended to pause / mute when the phone rings. It should be noted that quite a lot useful stuff is already exposed via DLNA. The main thing missing, in my experience, is input selection… preset selection / management being a close second.

Like you say, DLNA does get tricky fairly quickly, although at least it is ‘open’ and there are some (perhaps too many) implementations… applications like upplay would mean having something to start from.

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